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Advanced Solutions

TELUS Security


TELUS views security as an ecosystem of technologies and processes working together to provide better visibility and guide better security decisions. Using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, we can help you build your security infrastructure, identify and respond to threats and restore your organization back to normal operations. We have years of experience securing our own employees, our national network and our customers across Canada. We can help you achieve your desired security outcomes with the right guidance, solutions and support.

Types of services we offer

  • Technology and managed services
  • Consulting services
Tip: Ideal for businesses with 50 or more employees.

Better Guidance

Our experienced team of security professionals will help you craft a risk management strategy for your IT solutions and make sure your organization is on top of regulatory and compliance requirements.

Testing & assessment services

Develop a comprehensive risk management strategy and testing program with our expert IT professionals and programs, including Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, Social Engineering and Ransomware Readiness Assessments.

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Governance and risk management (GRC)

Regulations and requirements for conducting business are always changing. Keep ahead of regulatory changes and compliance with TELUS GRC solutions, like PCI Consulting and Assessments, Security Governance Reviews and Incidence Response Planning.

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Digital forensics

Our expert analysts can find out who accessed data, when and where in order to build a detailed case for human resources, corporate espionage or complex litigation.

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Threat & vulnerability research

As one of the world’s leading providers of security research, TELUS delivers cutting-edge intelligence on security threats and vulnerabilities.

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Employee Security Awareness Training

Our cloud-based security awareness platform allows you to integrate assessments, interactive training, awareness materials and comprehensive reporting features to arm your employees with the tools they need to safeguard your organization.

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Digital Identity Solutions

TELUS Digital Identity solutions offer you identity and mobile security services that will help protect your business and your customers, while helping you grow your digital presence.

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Have a question or ready to order? We aim to respond within two business days.

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Better Managed Services

The TELUS Security ecosystem includes the right combination of cloud and on-premise solutions to deliver the most resilient security outcomes possible for your data, email, website, networks and applications. Get greater visibility with real time access to dynamic reports through the TELUS Security Intelligence Portal. Know exactly what’s happening in your network, when it’s happening.

Application visibility and control with Next Generation Firewalls

Get superior protection against malicious activity with our Next Generation Firewall service. It provides greater visibility and granular control of applications, such as video streaming, file sharing, social networks and collaboration, running on your network, as well as the users and devices accessing them.

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Web content management

With our Next Generation Firewall URL Filtering, your confidential information, computing resources and users are protected from web-based malware attacks allowing safe, productive use of the web.

Malware and virus blocking

Our Next Generation Firewall Threat Prevention provides critical defence against both known and unknown malware, zero-day exploits and advanced persistent threats (APTs) that can infiltrate your network from multiple entry points.

Security Information and Event Management

Whether delivered in the cloud or on-premise, our SIEM solution includes a variety of use cases and advanced security monitoring to provide the visibility to detect and prevent potential threats and demonstrate regulatory compliance, while removing the long deployment timelines and challenges of traditional SIEM technologies.

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Web Application Firewall

With our cloud-based solution, malicious traffic is intercepted at the edge of the network, stopping it from ever reaching your web application, ensuring continued uptime and normal operations. Ongoing monitoring, threat intel and regular security updates protect against new zero-day vulnerabilities.

Email Protection

Protect all aspects of your email communications – spam, viruses and archiving – with our fully managed solution offering industry leading uptime and message delivery.

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