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Voice Networks

PRI Service


Do more for your customers, faster, with split-second call setup times using high-speed digital access over a single telephone line. Transmit voice, data, and image signals simultaneously while minimizing hardware costs.

Key features

  • Get 10-25% greater efficiency than traditional analog service.
  • Replace as many as 24 analog cards with one digital card.
  • Phone and fax even when you're online.

Features & Benefits

Reduce costs

Save money on the cost of individual dedicated circuits.

Enhance clarity

Reduce noise with clear digital transmission for voice and data communications.

Increase accuracy

Reduce data-transmission errors with an end-to-end digital circuit.

Ensure business continuity

Add ServiceSaver so you can keep your phone lines open for business, even in an emergency, by rerouting calls with a simple toll-free call from any phone in North America


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