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Data is the lifeline of your business. Any breach to your data, applications and network could have serious consequences for your organization. TELUS Security Solutions keep your entire technology structure secure, from remote access points to your internal networks. We offer consulting services to thoroughly test and assess your network, and advise on the right products and solutions to meet your technology requirements and business objectives. We will procure, build and manage those solutions to ensure your network remains safe and secure.

Types of services we offer

  • Technology and managed services
  • Consulting services
Tip: Ideal for businesses with 50 or more employees.


Our experienced consultants will help you craft a risk management strategy for your IT solutions and make sure your business is on top of regulatory and compliance requirements.

Testing & assessment services

Develop a comprehensive risk management strategy and testing program with our expert IT professionals and programs.

Governance and risk management

Regulations and requirements for conducting business are always changing. Keep ahead of regulatory changes and compliance by making TELUS part of your team.

Digital forensics

Our expert analysts can find out who accessed data, when and where in order to build a detailed case for human resources, corporate espionage or complex litigation.

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PCI & other compliance services

Protect your e-commerce and in-house credit card transactions by ensuring compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

Threat & vulnerability research

As one of the world’s leading providers of security research, TELUS delivers cutting-edge intelligence on security threats and vulnerabilities.

Information security education

TELUS provides information security certification and training programs that will arm your employees with the tools they need to safeguard your organization.

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Have a question or ready to order? We aim to respond within two business days.

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Security Tech & Managed Services

Our complete suite of managed security solutions take care of everything you need to keep your data, email, website, networks, applications, and mobile devices safe and working for your organization.

Network and application security

Safeguard your network and applications with our managed firewalls and intrusion prevention solutions.

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Secure remote access

Lock down remote access to your network with our Secure Authentication and remote user and site-to-site VPN solutions.

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Mobile security

Protect your network and applications from unwanted intrusions and secure mobile devices with our end-to-end mobile security risk management solutions.

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Security event management and analytics

Increase your visibility, understanding, and control of the threats impacting your network with our SIEM and Intelligent Analysis solutions.

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Technology sourcing and implementation

Let our expert consultants find, source, and set up the IT security equipment, software, and licenses you need to keep your business running productively and securely.

Web, email and data security

Protect your network and data from online threats and increase productivity with our wide range of solutions including computer and data backup, secure email services and web content filtering.

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Balanced Security

Meet Danny Pehar, Business Development Director at TELUS Security, and learn how TELUS helps enterprises implement security properly – enabling businesses to operate faster.


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