Managed Video Conferencing Solutions

The complete suite of Managed Video Conferencing Solutions from TELUS can enhance communications, reduce travel time and budget and boost team productivity.



TELUS Managed Video Conference Solutions simplify real-time visual collaboration

For organizations with a mobile workforce and a geographically diverse client base, video conferencing makes solid business sense. It enhances communication, reduces travel time and budget, and it boosts team productivity.

However video conferencing collaboration systems still require a significant investment in design, infrastructure, training, service development and support to ensure positive user experiences and seamless operation. That’s where TELUS can help.

The TELUS suite of Managed Video Conferencing Solutions provides everything you need including infrastructure, endpoints, implementation and management, help desk and video-ready managed networks. With TELUS Managed Video Conference Solutions, you can take advantage of the cost savings and productivity benefits of video conferencing without having to become your own conferencing provider.

Features & Benefits

Focus on your business while you reap the benefits of TELUS Video Conferencing Solutions

Receive a high level of quality at a fraction of the cost. Operations support costs are shared among many customers, which means you can get a high quality level of video conferencing service faster and far less expensive than developing and launching an internal service yourself.

Enjoy flexibility to meet your budget and business needs - Choose from prepaid, monthly fixed rate, or monthly pay-per-use plans. Plus, TELUS offers numerous options for video conference solutions and system packages to suit your business requirements.

Look to TELUS for the highest Quality of Service (QoS) - The TELUS next generation network supports video conferencing QoS. TELUS specialists provide pre- and post-sales service and support. Our conferencing infrastructure is hosted in TELUS secure state-of-the-art data centres with redundant networks, power, and infrastructure.

Be ready for the future. Because TELUS has invested in processes, automation and capacity planning, and current and emerging technology, our managed video conferencing solutions can easily scale as your demand increases.

Count on TELUS experience. With more than fifteen years of experience in the end-to-end management of ISDN and IP video conference endpoints, networks and infrastructure, TELUS can provide all services and ensure video conference solutions succeed within your organization.


Flexible service options to meet your exact business requirements

The complete suite of TELUS Managed Video Conferencing Solutions is designed to simplify, not complicate. They can be employed independently or combined to suit your organization’s needs.

Managed Help Desk

TELUS maintains a central help desk with remote management and troubleshooting tools that can augment the capabilities of your onsite support staff. With remote support, you can minimize service restoration delays by eliminating the need for onsite visits.

  • Global single point-of-contact for service calls relating to help desk, scheduling, network issues, telecommunications issues, TELUS warranties and third-party warranties
  • Staffed by certified representatives trained on IP, ISDN, major video endpoint and video multipoint hardware
  • Pay-per-incident or unlimited help desk support programs
  • Bilingual (English and French) support
  • Major incident reports and monthly summaries by endpoint

Managed Video Endpoints

Whether you are conducting video conferences from a desktop or a high-end auditorium, TELUS provides endpoint management to ensure seamless execution. Services include engineering design, procurement, project management, installation, training, warranty and finance options.

  • Existing endpoint or new endpoint management
  • Global onsite or “spare in the air” advanced equipment swap out
  • Global management options include address book, phone number, software version, proactive endpoint availability/fault management
  • Equipment options include leasing/rental from 12 – 60 months, lifecycle management and buy back/trade in
  • Global support from the TELUS single point-of-contact help desk
  • TELUS onsite technicians available throughout Canada
  • TELUS certified partners with onsite technicians available globally

Managed Video Conference Infrastructure

TELUS offers a choice of hosted or on-premise Managed Video Conference Infrastructure to meet various reliability and security constraints:

·On-premise Remotely Managed Conference Service – For companies that have Polycom or TANDBERG multipoint conference bridges onsite, but require a more sophisticated support function. Options include help desk, scheduling, live operator, capacity management, warranty and service configuration

·Hosted Shared Conference Service – For companies just starting out with video conferencing, TELUS provides a pay-per-use solution, hosted in a TELUS state-of-the-art data centre with redundant air conditioning, power and network

·Hosted Dedicated Conference Service – For frequent video conference users, TELUS offers unlimited use conferencing for a fixed monthly fee. The infrastructure is located in a TELUS state-of-the-art data centre with redundant air conditioning, power and network

Conference management options include:

  • 24/7 web scheduled conferencing
  • Operator scheduled conferencing
  • On-demand reservation-less conferencing
  • Operator-assisted conferencing
  • Event coordination
  • Meeting recording
  • Web casting

Companies can transition from Hosted Shared to Hosted Dedicated within their contract period without penalty to accommodate for growing conferencing use.

Managed Networks

TELUS IP Networks have been architected to ensure redundancy and multiple quality of service levels including real-time IP video traffic and IP voice. Fully managed, TELUS IP Networks deliver the network quality needed for effective video conferences.

  • Multiple quality of service (QoS) levels on the same wide area network connection allows true converged multiservice networks with best-effort Internet traffic, prioritized enterprise data, prioritized IP video conferencing and prioritized IP voice calls on the same pipe
  • High availability for mission critical data
  • Fully managed by TELUS - routers, help desk, configuration, installation and project management
  • State-of-the-art Web portal for availability, issues and performance monitoring
  • Redundant core architecture for 99.9% availability


Managed Video Conference Service Sales 1-800-652-3266


Federal Government Managed Video Conference Service Sales 1-866-762-3266

Managed Video Conference Service Global Single Point of Contact Help Desk
(Reservations, Technical Support, Event Management)
1-800-652-3266 - USA/Canada
0-800-917-5860 - UK Freephone

+1-604-675-1311 - International

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