Network configuration

Foundational security

Network as a Service includes a basic layer of security including controls you can manage to block unwanted inbound and outbound traffic from your network. Enhanced security options are available (see below).


Network as a Service codes traffic with AES 256 encryption for state-of-the-art security. Mesh and hub-and-spoke topologies are permitted, and you get full control of the VPN through the self-serve platform.

Flow-based Quality of Experience (QoE) using 5-tuple classification

Use five-level decision logic to apply QoE policies. After they are set, you can apply them across all your networks.

Service availability reporting & usage analytics

With the self-serve platform, you get a consolidated view of metrics for your services and locations, including detailed service uptime and analytics. Reporting is also available on usage and throughput per site as well as CPE and WAN port level performance (including loss, jitter, and latency).

Plans and pricing


Port Address Translation (PAT)

With PAT, the TELUS Network as a Service hardware automatically translates private IPs in a LAN to a TCP port. This will allow you to share one public IP amongst a number of LAN hosts.

Port forwarding

Port forwarding allows you to configure rules for a site (mapping of LAN IPs to a WAN TCP port). This is useful for when you want to access privately addressed hosts from the Internet, and is often used in conjunction with DNS.

Static IP

TELUS Network as a Service will transparently work with existing static IP addresses provided by your Internet connection.


Equipment & setup

Installation and configuration

TELUS provides installation, configuration, and setup assistance. Internet services should be purchased separately from TELUS or another provider.

Dual wireline uplinks (active/standby)

Dual wireline access in active/standby mode is available where LTE backup cannot be supported.

Dual wireline uplinks (active/active)

This feature allows you to use two wireline connections in an active/active mode. Both links can be used to carry traffic in normal operating conditions.

Dual hardware (requires dual wireline uplinks)

Dual-hardware resiliency is also available. Primary Internet access connects to one hardware device while secondary access connects to the other. The two devices can connect to each other and your network router or switch.

TELUS Hardware

The TELUS Network as a Service hardware comes with six ports standard.

Wireless LTE resiliency with external modem (active/standby)

Wireless LTE backup is included and is activated when the primary wireline link fails.

Plans and pricing

Enhanced security options

Application visibility and control

Get superior protection against malicious activity with our Next Generation Firewall service. It provides greater visibility and granular control of applications, such as video streaming, file sharing, social networks and collaboration, running on your network, as well as the users and devices accessing them.

Web content management

With our URL Filtering, your confidential information, computing resources and users are protected from web-based malware attacks allowing safe, productive use of the web.

Malware and virus blocking

Our Threat Prevention solution provides critical defence against both known and unknown malware, zero-day exploits and advanced persistent threats (APTs) that can infiltrate your network from multiple entry points.

Easy, web-based reporting and visibility

Get real time access to dynamic reports from any PC or mobile device through the TELUS Security Intelligence Portal. Know exactly what’s happening in your network, when it’s happening. Submit support or change requests directly from the portal.

Enhanced Security starting at $250/month for a TELUS hosted and fully managed next generation firewall service, shared by one or multiple NaaS locations.


Office Wi-Fi and LAN Capabilities

Office Wi-Fi

TELUS Office Wi-Fi provides secure wireless LAN and Internet connectivity for your employees and as a separate wireless domain for guests for direct Internet access. As a cloud managed solution, Office Wi-Fi provides faster deployment, simplified administration and richer visibility for one connected office. Office Wi-Fi is a complimentary service that can run over TELUS network as a Service.

LAN Connections

Office LAN provides advanced LAN networking for offices that have multiple devices that need to be wired to the LAN, such as IP Phones. TELUS Office LAN services utilize the Meraki MS series of cloud managed L2 switches and are available in 8 and 24 port configurations. This service provides a higher performance switch that supports zero-touch cloud provisioning. Office LAN is a complimentary service that can run over TELUS network as a Service.

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