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Internet of Things (IoT)

With our secure network, expertise and experience, TELUS can help deploy the right IoT solutions for your business.

Featured IoT Solutions

With today’s high-speed connectivity, the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming business by connecting devices to one another in order to streamline business operations in every industry sector.

Connected Vehicle

Learn how fleet management solutions can help track and manage your fleet more efficiently and safely, by leveraging a fleet management solution suited for your business. Learn More


Fleet and asset management solutions designed for Canada’s oil and gas, mining, utilities, forestry and construction industry sectors. Learn More

TELUS Alert and Assist

Allow your remote workers to signal for help from anywhere in the field. Gain peace of mind and help improve the safety of your workers by knowing where they are in emergency situations. TELUS Alert and Assist also makes your organization compliant with federal and provincial health and safety regulations.

IoT Marketplace

Transform your operations by connecting all the things that matter to your business. With our secure network, cloud services, partnerships and experience, TELUS can help deploy the right IoT solutions into your business.


What is IoT?

Get a better understanding of the Internet of Things trend, and how your business can best make use of it.

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IoT Connectivity

TELUS takes you across Canada and beyond on the country’s largest 4G LTE network. Access over 200 countries and networks around the world and manage your connectivity seamlessly, wherever you are.

In Canada

With Canada’s most reliable 4G and largest 4G LTE high-speed wireless network, TELUS offers coverage almost everywhere - even in select remote areas. With our SIM management platforms, you can perform remote provisioning, turn SIM cards on and off, deploy your solutions and set alerts for certain kinds of activity. Learn More

Around the world

TELUS has partnered with one of the world’s leading wireless companies to deliver seamless IoT connectivity to over 200 countries and networks. Track fixed or mobile machine-to-machine assets across borders at a set rate with no additional fees or switches between currencies.

The TELUS Advantage

A network exclusively for IoT, only from TELUS.

TELUS has built an infrastructure exclusively for the Internet of Things. That means your IoT implementation will never compete for bandwidth with other traffic such as mobile devices used by consumers. You will be able to quickly implement a new connectivity solution, or make changes to an existing one in a fraction of the time. You can customize with ease, based on your requirements and unique business needs, not your service provider’s wireless network limitations. With multiple layers of redundancy, you are also assured of continuity and uptime. What’s more, you will be supported by dedicated TELUS IoT specialists at every stage.

Highly flexible network design

Whether it’s making changes quickly or customizing, our flexible IoT network design gives you virtually complete freedom to build and design whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Faster integration

You can now scale your business quickly and easily, dramatically reducing your cost and time to market.

Multiple redundancies ensure business continuity

Our highly redundant IoT network design ensures that there are multiple pathways for your data to connect to your backend application. In the event of a network failure, your IoT device data is quickly switched over to an alternate path, without affecting your business or customers.

Expert IoT support

From onboarding to ongoing technical support, you will have access to our dedicated IoT Centre of Excellence whenever you need assistance.
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