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Advanced Solutions

Cloud & Managed IT Services

The speed of digital transformation is accelerating. To help you stay in the forefront, you need flexible, scalable technology solutions that don’t strain your IT department or drain your budget. TELUS offers a mix of traditional and cloud technologies, combined with network connectivity, security and management to help transform your IT and futureproof your business.

  • Simplify and optimize IT operations resulting in lower and more predictable costs
  • Focus on driving innovation and revenue generating opportunities
  • Deliver better business results, with reduced costs and faster time-to-market

What are your biggest hybrid IT challenges?

A customized hybrid IT solution can help solve your business challenges - from freeing up your IT resources to focus on innovation, to reducing the time and costs of IT maintenance and ensuring the safety and security of your data.

"Is there value in moving to the cloud?"

Your competitors are doing it, but is cloud migration worth the time and resources? Discover why moving to the cloud makes sense for your business and how easy it is to get there.

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"Managing our IT is holding us back"

It’s hard to focus on business priorities when you’re consumed with IT management. Hybrid IT can free you from maintenance mode so you can look forward.

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"Managing our data centre is costly"

Maybe it used to make sense, but now managing your data centre is costing too much time and money. Offload your infrastructure to free up IT and enable business innovation.

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"Can we reduce the risk of data loss?"

Companies cannot afford the cost of data loss. Shift the risk to a safe, secure fully managed data protection solution so you can rest easy and focus on your business.

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Cloud & Managed IT Services at a glance

Our full suite of hybrid IT solutions provides a mix of traditional and cloud technologies, network connectivity, security, managed IT and cloud advisory services to meet your business needs and accelerate your digital transformation.

Managed Multi-Cloud

Flexible, end-to-end managed cloud and consulting services for AWS and Azure to help optimize your IT operations, and reduce operational overhead allowing you to focus on business growth and innovation.

Managed AWS

Managed Azure

Managed Private Cloud

Flexibility and scalability of the cloud, with the enhanced security, control and performance of a dedicated environment. Run your business-critical applications in a fully managed private cloud powered by VMware and hosted in TELUS data centres in Canada.

Managed Private Cloud solutions

Managed Hosting

Turn your hosting requirements over to TELUS to simplify IT management, reduce costs and clear the way for you to focus on your core business.

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Hybrid Cloud

Secure managed private and public cloud technologies, including Microsoft Azure, combined with network connectivity let you choose the blend that supports your business goals.

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Managed Object Storage

Manage, move and protect your high-volume data with an easy, cost-effective storage and backup solutions.

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Managed Mainframe

Complete mainframe hosting services provide secure day-to-day management of your servers by a team of experts.

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IT Professional Services

Specialized IT services ensure your cloud and IT projects are well designed and deployed to meet your overall IT and business objectives.

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IT Complete

A fully outsourced, flexible and affordable IT management solution that frees your IT department to focus on your business.

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The TELUS Advantage

A data centre leader for more than 25 years, TELUS provides a full spectrum of data-related services from managed hosting to private, public and hybrid cloud to security services and network connectivity. IDC ranked us as a leader in Canada for Data Centre Operations and Management. Read this report to find out more


We manage over 21,000+ servers and 16PB of storage from our state-of-the-art data centres.


Six data centres across Canada connected with a secure cross-country network.


Our data centres are built to sustain the most rigorous data centre standards and controls to meet various industry certifications including Uptime Institute, Cloud Security Alliance, SOC 2, PCI, PIPEDA and others.

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