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TELUS Insights uses an advanced approach to big data analytics that can help public and private organizations, as well as all levels of government make smarter decisions based on real-world facts. Our big data solution works with massive sets of de-identified and aggregated data continuously drawn from the physical world. As people move around, their cellular devices connect to different wireless towers. This network data provides insights. Using industry-leading privacy standards, TELUS de-identifies data and then aggregates and extrapolates this information into large data sets to reveal mass-movement patterns and trends. Big data analytics can be used by all sectors to strategically plan with confidence.

Key features

  • All data is strongly de-identified - meaning it cannot be traced back to an individual – and then aggregated and extrapolated into large data pools, ensuring privacy is fully protected at all times.
  • New real-world data is constantly captured across any time period, providing actionable insights that are both current and relevant.
  • TELUS Insights works with large sets of data drawn from the TELUS wireless network as people move around Canada and their wireless devices connect to different cellular towers.



Whether you are a business or a government, make the most of reliable data drawn from the real world on the population and markets you serve. On-demand access provides insights into relevant data to suit your needs.

Custom Studies

Customized studies for your unique business challenges. Following a discovery session to help us understand the challenges your organization faces, we will provide insights that can be leveraged to make more informed business decisions.

Features & Benefits

Individual privacy is fully protected

TELUS is committed to respecting individual privacy and safeguarding personal information. Industry-leading Privacy by Design standards ensure that privacy is not compromised. All data is de-identified and aggregated to protect the identity of individuals.

Real-world analytics for smarter decisions

Services offered by TELUS Insights can be used by all sectors to strategically plan with confidence. Big data analytics can be used to improve traffic flow, determine where to open new transit routes, identify where new infrastructure - like roads, hospitals and shopping centres - is needed, optimize store operating hours and staffing, improve marketing and advertising tactics, and unlock new business opportunities.

Insights: Imagining the possibilities of big data

TELUS Insights helps organizations, including municipalities and non-profits make smarter decisions based on data rather than assumptions.


TELUS Insights [PDF]

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