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Our agents are ready to help you make the right decisions for your business.

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Travel and roaming

Cuba Roaming Passports

What you get

For our business customers, TELUS is excited to now provide a lower pay per use rate. With competitive pricing, you can travel with confidence while in Cuba.

  • Protection from data roaming overages - Get free data usage notification when you are close to using all of your data.
  • Cost savings - Get excellent savings over our data rates.
  • Cost certainty - Avoid pay-per-use rates and surprises by choosing a Cuba passport package that provides the right amount of coverage.
  • Pay-per-use rates

Features and pricing

Cuba Business Passport Elite™ Data 50
Cuba Business Passport Elite™ Data 100


Unlimited Incoming Texts
Data 30MB 100MB

How it works

Good for 30 days

Each package is active for 30 days from the time it’s added to your account, and expires automatically after that period.

Texts from Canada included

Enjoy free unlimited incoming texts.


If you exceed your roaming plan limits, overage charges are $2/MB for data.

Travelling Without a Roaming Package?

When you choose not to purchase a roaming package, the following standard pay-per-use rates will automatically be applied to your monthly bill.

The pay-per-use rates are: $1.50/min, for calling, $5/MB for data, $0.60/outgoing message, and free incoming messages.

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