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Our agents are ready to help you make the right decisions for your business.

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Audio Conferencing


Share ideas, brainstorm, and solve issues with simple, reliable, and cost-effective audio conferencing that works with any type of phone. Backed with 24/7 TELUS support, you can improve productivity by enabling your employees to set up and join audio conferences with a toll-free or local access number.

Key features

  • Eliminate long distance charges with access numbers available for major Canadian cities.
  • Streamline access for overseas participants with global toll-free access from most countries.
  • Track costs with detailed reporting.



Pay only for the minutes you use, with no set-up charges or minimum number of accounts required.

As part of a bundle

Get excellent value when purchasing Audio Conferencing as part of a bundle, especially when you also purchase Long Distance. The options are unlimited, and the more services you bundle together, the more you save on your bottom line.

50 or more employees?

Get in touch for a tailored quote based on your unique business needs.

Features & Benefits

Bring people together instantly

Set up teleconference meetings on demand, right from your office. Reservation fees and setup included.

Track costs and usage

Manage costs and track teleconferencing use with web-based billing and usage reports, included in TELUS Active Reporting.

Long distance savings

Eliminate long distance charges for your customers with access numbers available for major Canadian cities. Toll-free numbers available for callers outside the major cities.

Get 24/7 support

Access 24/7/365 support while on a conference call by dialling *0.

Conference like a pro

Provide a personal touch with dial out and participant greeting expertly handled by a TELUS Conferencing Representative.

Manage special-event conferences

Rely on conference management support for important presentations or announcements with 50+ participants.

Use with WebEx web conferencing

Conduct visual, interactive meetings that combine web and voice easily and cost-effectively. Learn more

Manage the unexpected

Provide one toll-free number and one passcode to initiate an emergency conference call to a predefined list of participants for management of unexpected events.


Service Specific Assistance

Press *0 (star zero) while on your conference to report the issue to a TELUS conference representative. In most cases the agent can solve the problem while your conference is in progress.

Have the following information ready:
conference number, participant/moderator passcode, description of the issue.

If your conference has ended, please contact:

1-877-944-MEET (6338) or

Mobility charges may apply to callers joining from their wireless phone, depending on their plan.

Additional charges may apply.

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