Multi-location User Information

Multi-location allows you to provision independent account configurations to each of your sites, allowing them to be individually managed within Voice Manager.


Multi-location has four main features:

1. Convenient management: Allows account administrators to easily manage the users, phone numbers, and devices across all sites, without the use of external management tools.

2. Localized management per site: Delegation of administrative capabilities at the site level allows for efficient management in fast-paced environments.

3. Individualized outbound caller ID name per site: Enables branch offices to easily distinguish their operations within the company.

4. Custom call handling rules per site: Each site can set individualized call handling rules according to their different time zones, company hours, language preferences, and more.

Availability and Requirements

Multi-location can be enabled on all Business Connect Premium and Premium Plus accounts.

Sites are created one by one but Site settings can be copied from existing sites. Upcoming updates will allow bulk site creation.

Existing customers on Single-level IVR who opt into Multi-Site will have to re-configure their IVR settings on new Multi-level IVR account – settings will not port over.

Note: IVR settings will remain accessible for existing customers on Multi-level IVR once they opt into Multi-Site support.

How do I enable Multi-Site?

1. Log into Voice Manager.

2. Click Tools > Multi-Site Settings

3. Click the slider button to enable Enabled account support for multiple sites.

4. Click Save.

5. Your online account will be updated with Site Filters and pages to create and configure multiple sites.

Creating New Sites

You can start creating new Sites.

1. Log into Voice Manager.

2. Go to Phone System > Company Info.

3. Click “+ New Site”.

4. Enter the Site Name and the Site Extension. Select the Site Address from the drop-down list, or click the New button to create or enter a new Site Address.

Note: Click Select Site to use the Copy Settings from option to create the site that would copy the Business Hours and Regional Settings from one of the existing sites.

5. Set the Time Zone, Home Country Code, Greetings Language, Time Format, User Language, Regional Format, and Business Hours. Click Next.

6. Assign Numbers to the Site. You may assign your existing unassigned numbers from your account. To purchase additional numbers, please contact TELUS.

You may skip this step and assign numbers to the site later.

7. Enter the Outbound Caller ID Name, then click Next.

8. Select an Existing IVR or create a New IVR.

Note: To create a new IVR, click the New IVR tab, then enter the Extension Number and Extension Name.

Click Next.

9. On the Summary page, you will be notified that the site is created successfully. Click Done.

Site Filters

After Multi-location is enabled and you’ve created sites, you will now see Site filters and buttons on the following pages with individual Site Assets.

1. Phone System > Phone Numbers > Company tab page

2. Phone System > Auto-Receptionist > General Settings page

Note: Each Site is listed, click the Site to configure: Site Hours, IVR Settings, and Regional Settings.

3. Phone System > Auto-Receptionist > IVR Menus page

4. Phone System > Auto-Receptionist > Prompts Library page

5. Phone System > Groups > Call Queues page

6. Phone System > Groups > Shared Lines page

7. Phone System > Phones & Devices > User Phones page

8. Phone System > Phones & Devices > Shared Lines page

9. Phone System > Phones & Devices > Unassigned page

10. Users > User list page

11. Users > User list > User Details > Settings & Permissions page

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