What is the Large Meetings feature?

Business Connect Large Meetings is an add-on which allows users to increase the amount of participants in one meeting. Large Meetings is ideal for all-hands meetings, town hall meetings, or global meetings among multiple locations. This add-on is purchased on a per user basis which allows companies the flexibility to purchase a license for specific users who need to host meetings with a larger group of participants.

Business Connect Meetings has local dial-in numbers for 58 countries, making it easy for international callers to connect.

Large Meeting allows a user to host unlimited Business Connect Meetings with up to 500 participants per session. Every participant in the meeting can have interactive face-time, screen sharing, and group chatting capability.

Large Meetings is available for Standard, Premium, and Premium Plus editions.

Office Edition Plans
Meeting Capacity (Number of Participants)
Already included in edition
With Large Meeting Add-on
Standard 4 per meeting Up to 500
Premium 100 per meeting Up to 500
Premium Plus 200 per meeting Up to 500

Once a Large Meeting license is purchased, it needs to be assigned to a user by the admin. Once it has been assigned, the user can enjoy full use of the add-on with the ability to host up to 500 participants using Business Connect Meetings.

Note: when a Large Meetings license is purchased, the total amount of participants allowed in the meeting will be the license amount. The total amount will no longer include participants which come with the edition. For example, if a Standard user purchases a Large Meeting add-on of 500 participants, the total amount of participants permitted in a meeting will be 500, not 504.

At this time, Large Meeting licenses cannot be stacked. For example, if you purchase a license for 500 participants and 300 participants, you cannot add both the same seat for a total of 800 participants. The maximum capacity per seat, per meeting is 500 participants.

Purchasing a Large Meetings License

The account administration can only purchase Large Meetings licenses by calling a TELUS Account Representative, or by calling Channel Care. The licenses are charged per month and will remain on the account until the license is deactivated/removed.

Assigning a Large Meeting License to a User

Once a Large Meeting license is purchased, it will automatically be applied to the starter seat. The account administrator can login to Voice Manager to assign it to the user of choice.

Click Add-Ons and ensure the “Meetings” tab on the left is highlighted.

Under License Type, you will see your available Large Meeting licenses and whether they are currently assigned or unassigned. An available license will have “Assign” to the right of the line item.

To assign the license to a user, click “Assign”.

Select the user you’d like to assign the license to and click “Assign”.

You will know the license was successfully assigned if it shows it can be unassigned on the Large Meeting license page.

Unassigning a Large Meeting License to a User

The account administrator can unassign or reassign the license to a different user under the Large Meetings section of Voice Manager. Just hover on the Large Meeting they want to unassign and click Unassign.

Confirm you’d like to unassign the license by selecting “Yes”.

To reassign the license to a different User please follow the steps in the “Assigning a Large Meeting License to a User” section.

Removing a Large Meeting License

The account administrator can call Channel Care in order to have the Large Meeting License removed from the account.

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