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Mobile Business

TELUS Business Messaging


Communicate and collaborate through business-grade messaging with single employees or teams across different types of devices. TELUS Business Messaging is fast, secure, and private.

Key features

  • Send various content types (voice memos, files, images and video) to different types of devices such as smartphones and pagers
  • Encrypted messaging ensures communication is safe and secure
  • Reliability ensuring users receive your messages through text messages (SMS) when they are offline on the app
  • Compatible with any messaging device
  • Available on iOS, Android, and Web Browser for the desktop

Features & Benefits

More ways to utilize messaging for business

Communicate one-to-one, one-to-many and machine-to-employee, and send numerous types of content such as voice memos, files, images and video (10MB max).

Compatible with any messaging device

TELUS Business Messaging is iOS and Android compatible and can also be utilized across your existing messaging devices: smartphone, tablet, feature phone and pager.

Secure and private

TELUS Business Messaging is encrypted, resilient and private, and can be audited to aid in compliance with U.S. HIPAA, FINRAA and DHS regulations and Canadian equivalents where applicable.

Message received by the right person on the right device

When combined with mobile identification services, TELUS Business Messaging ensures your messages are delivered to the right customer or employee at the right time on the right device.

An easy notification tool

Notifications can be sent directly to your device through the application or as an SMS with desired content. Whether the system sends the group an alert or a ticketing system sends an update, end users are kept informed in a timely manner.

Endless Possibilities

TELUS Business Messaging can be used in many industry sectors such as:

  • Healthcare providers can quickly exchange vital instructions, information and patient files with all data securely protected and messages preserved.
  • Financial advisors, banks, insurance companies and other professionals can securely share confidential information among themselves and with clients.
  • Dispatchers can quickly and efficiently notify field staff of new work orders, changes and more.
  • Workforce management tools such as mail servers can send messages to end users notifying them of updates or delivering other important information.
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