Access and Manage your Wireless Voicemail

The first time you access your new mailbox, you must call from a handset. You’ll be prompted to create a password. After you create a new password, you may set “Bypass Password” to “On” or “Off”.

TELUS Visual Voice Mail customers are recommended to change their mailbox passcode via the handset, by following the directions below:

  • Settings > General > Phone > Change Voicemail Password – then enter your passcode, select Done, Re-enter, select Done

How to access your voicemail

  • To check for messages, select the voicemail icon on your handset or hold down the “1” key.
  • When calling your voice mailbox from another phone, call your handset and press * during the greeting.
  • If you have Visual Voicemail, messages will be in your inbox.
  • If you have Voicemail to Text, messages will be delivered via SMS or email.
  • If you use more advanced features such as Schedules or Group lists, you will need to re-create those on your new mailbox.
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