BlackBerry® Curve 9320 - How to connect to a Wi-Fi network

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Connect to a Wi-Fi network

To set up Wi-Fi™ on your BlackBerry® and connect to a wireless network:

  1. From the Home screen, press the Menu key.
  2. Select Maximize Panel.
  3. Select the All tab.
  4. Click Setup.
  5. Click Wi-Fi.
  6. Select Turn On Wi-Fi.
  7. The phone scans for available wireless networks and displays their names and security settings (Open or Secured with either WEP or WPA).
    NOTE: If your network isn’t showing, make sure that the checkbox next to Show Open networks only is clear.
  8. Select a network, then:
    1. If the network is open, you are automatically connected to the network.
    2. If the network is password protected; type the network password, then click Connect.
  9. The desired network name now appears as Connected on your BlackBerry.
  10. Your BlackBerry is connected to Wi-Fi.
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