BlackBerry® Q10 4G LTE - How to use BlackBerry Protect to help secure and locate your BlackBerry

Use BlackBerry Protect to find your device by viewing its current location, play a sound or display a custom message on the Home screen of the device. If your device is stolen, you can also remotely lock your device, change your device password or delete all data from your device.

BlackBerry Protect is free. To use this service, your BlackBerry must have an active data connection and a BlackBerry ID. Learn how to create a BlackBerry ID if you do not have one.

Using BlackBerry Protect

On your BlackBerry:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Settings icon.
  2. Select BlackBerry Protect.
  3. Turn On BlackBerry Protect.
  4. Tap Location Services.
  5. Ensure Location Services is set to On.

On your computer:

  1. Launch your Internet browser.
  2. Go to the BlackBerry Protect website .
  3. Sign in using your BlackBerry ID and password.
  4. Your device model and PIN are displayed. You can:
  5. View the location of your device.
  6. Play a sound to help locate your BlackBerry.
  7. Display a message on the home screen.
  8. Lock your BlackBerry from unauthorized use.
  9. Wipe your device to safeguard your privacy.
    NOTE: You will not be able to use BlackBerry Protect to find your device after wiping it.
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