Greetings - Auto Receptionist - Overview

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An Auto-Receptionist is also called as “Auto Attendant". This functionality enables calls to be answered automatically with a professional recording (default or record your own).

Callers can usually hear the following options:

  • “Press 1 for service, press 2 for sales consultants, press 3 for account information…”
  • “Press 1 for Bill Jones, press 2 for Elizabeth Harley…”
  • “If you know the number of the party…”

To access this feature, log in to your Business Connect account.

You can set the following options under Auto-Receptionist:

  • Company Hours
  • Company Call Handling
  • Company Greeting & Menu
  • Dial-by-Name Directory
  • Operator Extension
  • Call Recording
  • Regional Settings

Company Hours

This section allows you to edit your Company Business Hours. By default, your Company Hours is set to 24 hours.

Company Call Handling

This section allows you to choose the action when your company receives incoming calls.

Greetings & Company Calls

This section allows you to manage all the calls routed to the Auto-Receptionist and personalize your Company Greetings. Once you have specified your Company Hours of Operations, you may personalize your Company Business Hours Greetings as well as your Company After Hours Greetings.

Dial-by-Name Directory

The Dial-by-Name Directory is disabled on your Business Connect account by default.

NOTE: If this feature is disabled, dial by extension is the default setting.

Your Business Connect online account allows you to enable or disable the Dial-by-Name directory. You can change how the extensions are searched, either by first name or last name. Also, you can configure the list of extensions included. You can even change the extension number of the directory. All these options are available to you, for your convenience.

• Enable or disable the Dial-by-Name directory - You can toggle On or Off to enable or disable the Dial-by-Name directory feature, depending on your preference.

  • Select the extensions you want to include in the Dial-by-Name directory 
    By default, all of the extensions and departments are included in the Dial-by-Name directory list.
  • Change the Directory Extension number 
     You can change the Directory Extension number according to your preference.
  • Change how extensions are searched 
     You can either set the extensions to be searched by first name or last name on the Dial-by-Name directory.

NOTE:  You have to dial the extension directly when Dial-by-Name directory is disabled

Operator Extension

This section allows you to change the Operator Extension on your account.

Call Recording

This section allows you to configure the On-Demand Call Recording on your Business Connect Account. 

Regional Setting

This section allows you to configure your regional date and time settings. The time format option can be set to 12-hour or 24-hour format. You can also configure the Home Country code in this feature.  

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