Call Forwarding - Call Handling and Forwarding Under User Hours

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The Call Handling and Forwarding section in your online account allows you to set-up call routing rules for the extension. It offers flexibility on how you want your calls to be handled during business hours, after hours or multiple condition rules. This article will guide you on how to customize Call Handling & Forwarding settings under User Hours. You can also customize your After Hours Call Handling settings.

NOTE: To resolve the error: This phone number cannot be the same as your account number or any additional number.

To setup your User Hours Call Handling & Forwarding settings, follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Log into your  TELUS Business Connect™ Voice Manager account

NOTE: Make sure you enter the correct extension number

Step 2:

Click Settings.

Step 3:

Click Call Handling & Forwarding.

Step 4:

Click User Hours.

NOTE: User Hours is set to 24 hours by default. You can also specify your User Hours settings according to the extension's hours of operation.

Step 5:

Configure the following settings as desired:

  • Notify your Softphone and Smartphone
  • Set your forwarding number
  • Forwarding to other user’s phones, adding phones and Ring Groups
  • Set your Incoming Call Information settings
  • Setup Call Flip

Notify your Softphone and Smartphone

This setting allows you to notify your Softphone(s) and smartphone(s) before forwarding the incoming call to your desk phones and forwarding numbers.

Set your forwarding number

You can add up to 10 Forwarding Numbers in your extension. Be sure to tick the box and set it to Active when you add numbers to make sure they are successfully added in the list.

IMPORTANT: If you attempt to manually enter your main TELUS Business Connect™ phone number, or any other number in your account, as your forwarding number, you will see the following error message: This phone number cannot be the same as your account number or any additional numbers. An example of a valid forwarding number would be your mobile number or your home phone number.

NOTE: You can forward calls to other numbers within your TELUS Business Connect™ account by using the Forward to other user's phones feature.

Forwarding to other user's phones, adding phone, and Ring Groups

Forward to other user's phones - this allows you to forward your calls to other users in your TELUS Business Connect™ account.

NOTE: Only TELUS Business Connect™ numbers within your account can be added to this section.

Add Phone - this will allow you to add more forwarding numbers to your list. You can add up to 10 forwarding numbers.

Create Ring Groups - this allows multiple phones to be grouped together so they either ring sequentially or simultaneously. Select the phones you want to include in a Ring Group. This setting is also called a hunt group where an incoming call will rotate to the group of forwarding numbers until the caller is connected to any of the answering line.

NOTE: Ensure that you have marked the tick box to select the phone numbers you want to group.

You can also have them ring Sequentially or Simultaneously, depending on your preference

Set your Incoming Call Information settings

Incoming Call Information is a setting that determines how information are sent to you when you receive your incoming calls

Setup Call Flip

Call Flip lets you transfer live conversations from one device to another (i.e. IP phone, mobile phone, Softphone). You can change the numbers used to flip in the Forwarding Numbers section. Press the corresponding Flip Number on your device to use the Call Flip feature. 

Step 6:

After choosing your settings, click Save.

You have now customized the Call Handling & Forwarding feature under User Hours.

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