Greetings - Customizing your company hours greeting

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Company Greetings allows you to greet incoming callers to your TELUS Business Connect account. A default company is pre-configured to your online account but if you wish to customize this greeting, you can either record a greeting or import a pre-recorded file. This article will guide you on how to customize your Company Hours greeting.

NOTE: You need to be an account Administrator to perform this action.

Step 1:

Log in to your  Business Connect Voice Manager account


Go to Settings>Phone System.


Click Auto-Receptionist.

Step 4:

Click  Company Greeting & Menu.

Step 5:

Select the Company Hours or After Hours tab.

Click Default, then press the play button to hear a greeting with your company name..

Record your Company Greeting over the Phone

Step 6:

Select Custom to change the default greeting and record a custom greeting for your company.

Click Record Over the Phone to have Business Connect call you on any number in your account, or enter a new number in the field provided.

Click the Call Now button.

Record your custom greeting over your phone when prompted.

Click Save. Listen to your recorded greeting and click Save again if satisfied, or click Cancel to return to the previous menu options.

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