Firewall port settings for hardware

Since the TELUS Business Connect solution is a cloud-based phone system, it streams through an Internet service. When setting your hardware (desk phone) to the solution, you might encounter some situations when your firewall, router, or other Internet appliance may block connections. We recommend you open the following ports to ensure your hardware can communicate with the servers:

Device type Protocol Source port customer side Destination port TELUS Business Connect side
Deskphone signaling SIP/UDP 5060–6000 5060-5090
Deskphone signaling SIP/TCP 5060-6000 5060
Deskphone media RTP/UDP 16384–16482 20000–65535
Deskphones signaling Secure Voice SIP/TLS/TCP 5060-6000 5096
Deskphones media Secure Voice SRTP/UDP 16384–16482 40000–49999
Deskphone provisioning HTTP/IP/TCP 80, 443 80, 443
Deskphone clock sync NTP/UDP 123 123
Deskphone BLA/Presence SIP/UDP 5060-6000 5099
Deskphone BLA/Presence SIP/TCP 5060-6000 5099
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