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Our agents are ready to help you make the right decisions for your business.

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TELUS Cloud Fax is a simple, cost-effective cloud-based alternative to traditional fax machines and servers. Suitable for organizations of all sizes, it provides a streamlined faxing process, while substantially lowering your overall faxing costs. It lets you send and receive faxes to and from anywhere in the world via email and is fully compatible with all email platforms. It is secure, reliable and eliminates the need for fax machines, toner, paper, fax servers or dedicated fax lines.

Key features

  • Cost effective single fax number plans starting at $14.95
  • Plans and solutions for higher volume faxing
  • Consultation with an expert to help you determine the best solution for your needs
  • Fast set up that easily scales to meet your business needs
  • Flexible solutions for organizations of all sizes
  • Cloud-based solution that requires literally no IT footprint

Features & Benefits

Easy to send

Simply attach the document you are faxing to an email, enter the recipient’s fax number and send. The recipient receives the document as a fax.

Easy to receive

Users get their own dedicated local or toll-free fax number (you can keep your existing fax number(s)) and receive all incoming faxes as PDF email attachments that can be opened anywhere in the world on any computer or device.

Secure and reliable

Advanced security technologies protect your documents and customer data stays in Canada during all Canadian bound faxing. Complete audit trails enable you to more easily meet data privacy regulations, all backed with a 99.5% uptime objective.

Increase productivity

Enhance productivity with the ability to integrate Cloud Fax with your applications such as SAP, and more via a Fax API.


We have a plan for every fax need.

Order online for a single fax number:

  • $14.95 per month / one-time set up fee of $12.95
  • Your choice of toll-free or local number
  • 300 pages per month (200 inbound / 100 outbound)
  • 12 cents per additional page

Or contact us for plans that require:

  • 5 or more fax numbers
  • Sharing of fax pages amongst users
  • A high volume of pages per month
  • Additional security and/or compliance needs
  • Integration into workflows or other applications
  • Any other custom needs

Not sure which to choose?

TELUS agents will help you make the right decisions for your business. For assistance, contact your TELUS Sales Executive or call


Existing Customer Technical Support:
TELUS Cloud Fax: 1-877-638-5940
TELUS Cloud Fax powered by eFax Corporate: 1-810-210-2641

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Login for TELUS Cloud Fax powered by eFax Corporation

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