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TELUS Business Connect™ for Salesforce


About TELUS Business Connect for Salesforce

TELUS Business Connect for Salesforce provides seamless integration between and your TELUS Business Connect services to enable improved customer retention, greater agent productivity, and advanced business processes.

It offers these features:

  • No software to install – works entirely in the cloud with any TELUS Business Connect device
  • Works on any computer, any browser – Access anytime on any PC or Mac
  • Works with any Salesforce Cloud – Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud - if you’ve got it, we support it
  • Easy click-to-dial by clicking on any phone number in Salesforce
  • Instant screen pop displaying the caller’s information as soon as a call arrives
  • New browser tab for every call enabling multiple interactions at once
  • Automatic call dispositions for quick call logging
  • Accurate call logs saved to the corresponding record
  • New records – Accounts, Contacts, Leads can be easily created while on call

About this guide

This guide is specifically designed for end users of TELUS Business Connect for Salesforce. This guide is not intended for system/network administrators and does not provide any information on how to set up the application on user desktops or how to configure the Salesforce. com instance to be able to use this application. This user guide will show you how to use this application, and provide known issues/ limitations of the application as well as some basic troubleshooting questions and answers.

Basics, Options and Log in


For optimal user experience, ensure that:

  1. The browser you are using is updated to the latest version.
  2. You have set the correct number as your TELUS Business Connect Direct Number – you will be making and receiving calls from this number through the interface. You can find your TELUS Business Connect Direct Number in the TELUS Business Connect Voice Manager at My Settings > Phones and Numbers > Direct Numbers.
  3. Login to through the browser; the App will work only while the user is logged in to
  4. Login to TELUS Business Connect for Salesforce through Use your TELUS Business Connect Direct Number for the user name and your TELUS Business Connect password.
  5. Your browser has its pop-up blocker disabled for the site.


There are only two options to set. You can get to these options by clicking in the gear icon in the top navigation bar.

  1. Direct Number: This is the number from which outgoing calls will be made. This field cannot be left blank.
  2. Press 1 To Start An Outbound Call: When you make an outgoing call, TELUS Business Connect will first call you at your TELUS Business Connect Direct Number.
    Once you answer the call, you will have an option to press 1 before the call is connected to the other party. If this option is not enabled, then TELUS Business Connect will call your number and the dialed number simultaneously.
  3. Auto-create Call Logs: When this option is selected, TELUS Business Connect will automatically create a call log in the Activity History for any inbound or outbound call. If this option is not selected, a call log will only be created if you press the Save button in the logging area during or after the call.

Figure 1

Click the Save button to save your settings. These settings are cleared when the user logs out TELUS Business Connect for Salesforce, but will persist if the user logs out from Salesforce instance without logging out from the application and had also selected the option Remember Me on the login screen while logging in.

Log in

Open your browser and login to your Salesforce account. If this is the first time you are using TELUS Business Connect for Salesforce, you will see a form as shown in Figure 2, allowing you to login to your TELUS Business Connect account. Type in the your TELUS Business Connect Direct Number and your TELUS Business Connect account password.

Log in
Figure 2

If you select the Remember Me option provided on this page, the App will not ask you to provide your credentials again for one week. If you do not login for a week, you will be asked to provide your credentials again. Also, your credentials are stored in the browser, so if you login from some other browser or computer/ laptop/tablet, you will need to login again. Once the login is successful, the App layout will change to as shown in figure below.

Log in
Figure 3


Placing calls

There are two ways you can make an outgoing call:

  1. Type in the number you want to dial in the dial pad (Figure 4)
  2. Use the click to dial feature (Figure 5)

Placing calls
Figure 4

Placing calls
Figure 5

TELUS Business Connect will first call you at your TELUS Business Connect Direct Number and the App dialer will change to the screen shown below during the time the call is being connected. If the dialed number matches any Salesforce records such as Contacts, Accounts, etc., the records will be displayed.

Once you answer the call, depending on your settings, you may be prompted to press 1 before the call is connected to the other party. If the call cannot be completed, the Call could not be completed message will be displayed.

Once you have picked up the call and it starts ringing the other party, the screen will get updated to following display. If the call is connected successfully, the TELUS Business Connect for Salesforce display will start showing a call timer and an area in which to take call notes.

If you have set TELUS Business Connect for Salesforce to auto-create call logs, a call log will automatically be saved to, and it will be updated whenever you type notes or change the related objects. If you have not set it to auto-create call logs then the log will only be created or updated when you press the Save Log button.

You are free to hang up the phone through which you are speaking to the called party, and continue to edit the Comments and the Subject for the call log entry. Once the call has ended the timer will stop and the call log will move to the Last Call area where you can continue editing it.

For call actions such as transfer, holds, and mute, use the controls available on the device on which you answered the call.

Placing an International Call

In the event that you wish to place an international call (i.e. to a destination outside of your home country), you must ensure that the number is properly formatted.

If you wish to click-to-dial an international number, first ensure that the country code is part of the phone number, like this:

Placing an International Call

Incoming calls

When an incoming call is received, you are notified about the incoming call on TELUS Business Connect for Salesforce. In addition to the app notification, other phones will ring depending the configuration of your TELUS Business Connect phone system. Once you pick up the call on your device/desk phone, the call timer will start and the layout will change to give you the option to log the call. If the call goes directly to voicemail without ringing any of your TELUS Business Connect phones, then there will not be any notification to your TELUS Business Connect for Salesforce.

You have the choice of logging incoming calls, independent of the actions you take on your phone (e.g., accept the call, reject the call, put the caller on hold, hang up the call). Such actions you take will not impact the call logging experience in Salesforce.

To save the log as related activity, select the appropriate contact/account from the dropdown and after typing the subject and your comments, click the Save Log button.

Incoming calls
Figure 6

Activity reports

As you log calls, you will see a new link added at the bottom of the TELUS Business Connect app UI. Clicking the link will take you to a report displaying all of your calls today.

Activity reports
Figure 7

You can also use the standard reporting interface on the Task object to report on call logs made by your group or team.

Using preset call disposition

To allow for faster call logging, preset call dispositions can be accessed using the icon to the right of the Subject area. Selecting a preset call disposition will overwrite anything that has been typed into the Subject area, although you can edit the Subject after having selected a preset call disposition.

Using preset call disposition
Figure 8

Related search

Whenever there is an incoming call, the application searches Salesforce for matching records. Depending on the settings of your SoftPhone Layout in, you will see the results in either the same window or a new window. If there is only one matching record, the detail page of that record will be displayed. If there are multiple records, usually you should see the search page listing all of the matching records. These settings can be changed or updated only by your Salesforce Administrator.


Q. I can’t see TELUS Business Connect for Salesforce when I login to Salesforce. What is the problem? Does it require some special permission?

A. No, TELUS Business Connect for Salesforce does not require any special permissions and it should work for all user profiles. Please ask your Salesforce Administrator to ensure that you are a member of the Call Center and to ensure that no other components on the page are interfering with the operation of TELUS Business Connect for Salesforce.

Q. I don’t see any new tab or window opening on incoming calls.

A. Please ensure that pop-ups are not blocked by your browser settings or by some other pop-up blocker software installed on your desktop.

Q. Can I use TELUS Business Connect for Salesforce across multiple instances (or “orgs”)?

A. Yes you can. You will need to contact your Salesforce Administrator to setup and enable TELUS Business Connect for Salesforce for each of your orgs.

Q. Can I use TELUS Business Connect for Salesforce across multiple browsers (Internet Explorer and Firefox, for example)?

A. TELUS Business Connect for Salesforce can be used across as many browsers as you want so long as the user is not logged into two or more browsers simultaneously. This means that the user cannot be logged into on Internet Explorer and Firefox at the same time. Simultaneous logins are not supported.

Q. I make a call to myself, and the incoming call features are not working.

A. This behavior is expected—calls from your own extension to your own extension will not appear in this app.

Q. I can see some phone numbers in Salesforce, but the click-to-call icon is not displayed.

A. It may be due to some customizations made for your Salesforce account. Please contact your Salesforce Administrator.

Q. I would like to disable this feature for now.

A. You will have to request that your Salesforce Administrator remove you from the Call Center profile list.

Q. What Operation Systems are supported?

A. The following Operating Systems are supported:

  • Windows XP, 7, 8 and above.
  • Mac OS X Mountain Lion and above.

Q. What browsers are supported?

A. TELUS Business Connect for Salesforce supports the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10, 11 + (Windows)
  • Firefox 25 + (Windows, Mac)
  • Chrome 30 + (Windows, Mac)
  • Safari 6.0.5+ (Mac)

Q. On logging into TELUS Business Connect for Salesforce, I am getting this error message: “Your TELUS Business Connect Office edition does not support Salesforce Integration—please call your TELUS Business Connect account representative to upgrade your TELUS Business Connect Office edition.” What is that?

A. Salesforce integration is available for TELUS Business Connect Premium and Premium Plus users. Please check with your TELUS Business Connect administrator or contact your TELUS Business Connect representative to get more information about this feature.

Q. Incoming calls are not notified in the Salesforce interface, even if everything is set up correctly.

A. At least one tab in the browser should be displaying the TELUS Business Connect for Salesforce interface for incoming calls to be notified.

Q. Search results are not displaying records that match the caller ID.

A. Check the format of the phone number in Salesforce. Ensure the format is standardized per Salesforce features.

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