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TELUS Secure Business - User Guide

Preparing for installation

Scheduling information

1. How long is an appointment?

  • Depending on complexity, installations typically take between 4 and 6 hours.

2. What do I need to do before an installation?

  • Get permission - Make sure your landlord, building manager, or strata has approved any drilling that may be required as part of the installation. The technician may need to reach your landlord for questions, and gain access to the certain rooms.
  • Internet access - Get access to your internet router including any passwords or firewalls used to connect to the network. Ensure any IT or network professionals are reachable during the time of installation.
  • Equipment placement - Clear areas for access where you would like equipment installed. Your equipment placement will be finalized in consultation with your technician during installation.
  • Confirm your emergency contacts - At installation, you’ll be asked to provide information for the 3 people you’d like us to contact for you in case of an emergency.

Installing the app

The TELUS Secure Business app gives you the power to manage your business security on the go. To complete the installation, you must have one device available with the app installed. The technician can show you how to:

  • Control your security system and smart devices remotely
  • Set up rules, automated responses and real-times alerts
  • Manage who can receive alerts or notifications
  • Create unique and time-limited user or employee codes

Downloading the app

 Step 1: Go to the Apple iOS or Android Play app store.

 Step 2: Search for the TELUS Secure Business app.

 Step 3: Download the app on your mobile device.

 Step 4: Login with your credentials.

 Step 5: Experience the app.

Familiarizing yourself with your system

To familiarize yourself with your new security system and reduce unnecessary false alarms, your security system will be set on test mode for 48 hours following your installation. During this time, we will still monitor your business and dispatch emergency services via our Central Monitoring Station.

Remembering your password & keypad codes

For verification purposes, we require you to create passwords for all contacts listed on your account. To reduce the risk of unnecessary false alarms, it is important that you and those who have access to your business remember the keypad code(s) programmed into your security system. If you or your technician programmed a duress code in your panel, it is important to remember this code and only use it in situations where you or those who have access to your business may be forced to operate your security panel against yours or their will.

Security Tips

  • Install reflective pieces at the exits or entrances to make it easier for emergency services to find you.
  • Maximize visibility in and around your building by automating lights
  • Keep a well-maintained exterior to help discourage intruders
  • Manage closing time by automating locked doors and armed alarms

Discovering the Central Monitoring Station

What is the Central Monitoring Station?

Our Central Monitoring Station (CMS) is a highly secure, ULC-certified, and TMA Five Diamond rated facility. It houses trained professionals and critical information to monitor your business security on a 24/7 basis. We have 2 monitoring facilities prepared to receive alarm signals at all times. The station will receive alarm signals from security devices, and the operator will use customer account information and a specific action protocol to take action.

In the event of an alarm, the agent will contact the customer by phone. If the alarm is unable to be verified, the CMS will follow a standard action protocol, which involves contacting emergency primes and dispatching a guard (if applicable) and/or emergency service providers (police, ambulance) as required. In the case of a confirmed emergency by the customer emergency service providers will be dispatched immediately.

Can I self-serve and update my information for the Central Monitoring Station?

You need to call TELUS to make those updates to your account information given the sensitivity of the data and the security protocols in place.
Call us at 1-855-818-3587.

What happens if there’s a false alarm?

For every alarm, the Central Monitoring Station (CMS) will attempt to contact the customer by phone. If the alarm is false, no further action is taken. If the alarm cannot be verified, the CMS will follow a standard action protocol which involves contacting emergency contacts and dispatching emergency service providers as required.

If an emergency service provider responds to a false alarm the customer may incur charges. Please note that the customer is responsible for all false alarm charges.

Getting started

Arming your system

The Ready to Arm screen allows you to arm your panel in stay or away mode:

Select/unselect your entry delay if you want a 60-second delay before the system is fully armed.

  • Stay: Arming your system in Stay mode only arms the system perimeter only and is typically used when a business is closed to the public but has employees inside.
  • Away: Arming your system in Away mode arms all the sensors attached to your alarm system and is typically used when a business is closed and employees are not on premise.

Arming/disarming your system with the TELUS Secure Business app

  • From your mobile app or web portal dashboard, go to your Panel card
  • If system is armed, select the shield icon to Disarm
  • If system is not armed, select the shield icon to Arm

Bypassing sensors

All sensors must be closed before you are able to arm your system from the panel (i.e. doors and windows closed). Bypassed sensors offer no protection and cannot cause an alarm. Use bypass if you want to arm your system with one or more sensors open and intentionally unprotected.

Force bypass

  • At the security or menu screen, tap the yellow Arm button
  • At the Bypass Screen, tap Bypass All
  • This forces the system to bypass all the open sensors in the list, including any open interior sensors
  • Enter a valid user code to bypass the sensor
  • At the Ready to Aarm (Sensors Bypassed) screen, tap Stay or Away

Note: Force bypasses are automatically removed when the system is disarmed.

Activating duress codes

You can set up a duress code to transmit a silent alarm to the central monitoring station. Use the duress code when someone is forcing you to operate your security system against your will.

Setting up a duress code

  1. On the User Management screen of your panel, tap the User 8 (Duress) button.

  2. A confirmation screen will show up. Tap create duress user.


  3. Enter a four (4) digit code as the new duress code. Tap ok.

  4. To confirm the duress code, type in the 4 digit code from above.

  5. A confirmation screen will pop up. Tap ok.

Using a duress code

  1. While the system is armed, you can either type in your secret duress code OR press the system logo in the bottom right hand corner.

  2. While the system is disarmed, you can press the system logo in the bottom right hand corner to send a silent alarm to the central monitoring station.

Configuring preferences / Managing account

Setting up personalized notifications & alerts

TELUS Secure Business makes it easy to set up alerts letting you know when a user accesses your business. These can be set up in several ways – always know when your business opens on time, or deliveries have arrived on time. Additionally, you can create no-show alerts. These are ideal for regular service providers like landscapers or cleaners. Get notified when they arrive and when they leave, as well as one if they fail to arrive.

There are several other types of alerts you can create for smart access control, including Geo-Services alerts which lets you know if you've left the premise without arming your security system, or locking your doors. When you receive one, you can simply secure your business remotely through your TELUS Secure Business app.

TELUS Secure Business also allows you to set reminders, to lock doors incase you forget. A reminder based on your schedule or location ensures that you always keep your office or premise safe and secure. Here's how to set up reminders that will directly to your phone or device.

Set a new notification

  • Log into your TELUS Secure Business account and go to the Notifications tab
  • Select the New Notification button
  • Choose your notification type, and choose from a wide range of pre-customized reminders
  • Set your notification time preferences
  • If you have Geo-Services set up, you have the option of triggering the alert when you leave your business’ geo-fence
  • Set your notification days and add recipients
  • Save your notification and you're done

Creating unique user codes

Thanks to a set of advanced features called access control, you can conveniently manage who comes and goes from your business premise, while actually enhancing security by keeping you aware of what's happening and in control of points of entry or access.

For example, you can control door locks while being able to confirm if doors or windows are open. Get reminders and alerts about what's happening around your business, all through your TELUS Secure Business app. Get an alert when you leave without having locked your door, which you can easily remedy with remote locking and security system arming.

Granting access to specific employees or support staff

You can create unique user codes for employees or specific people, such as cleaning staff, and allow them to enter and exit your premise with proper credentials. Each code is unique and works only during the times you assign to it. For example, cleaning staff can come and go during weekdays between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. On the other hand, your long time, office manager can get access to your office anytime in case there's an emergency. You can also create user codes which expire, perfect for those off-hours visitors. User codes are far more reliable, convenient and secure than sharing a key, which can easily get lost.

Reporting false alarms

Our Central Monitoring Station (CMS) is committed to providing a timely response to all alarm signals. There may be instances where you are not at your business or not available to receive an alarm verification call from us. If we do not reach you in response to an alarm and you wish to report it as false, please call TELUS at 1-855-818-3587 and press 1.

Managing personal details and emergency contact information

In addition to your personal details, TELUS requires three emergency contacts listed on your account to ensure your business is protected and to verify whether an in-progress alarm is a true emergency or false alarm. Please inform TELUS (1-855-818-3587) of any changes to the contact information provided to ensure the right people are contacted in the event of an alarm.

Managing your account with My TELUS

By registering for My TELUS:

  • View and change your bill and plan details,
  • Analyze your monthly spend with Bill Analyzer,
  • Track your payments made to TELUS
  • Set up pre-authorization payments, and
  • Oversee all your TELUS services at a glance.

It’s easy. Sign up at or download the app for Apple iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.

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