Billing & Account

Understand how changes affect your bill

We bill you one month in advance. When you request a change to your rate plan or services, the change takes effect almost immediately and we adjust your monthly bill accordingly. .

You will see the following line items associated with this change on your next bill

  • A partial credit that covers the period when your previous rate plan or service selection was not being used.
  • A partial fee for the period you are on the new rate plan/service for the current month.
  • The regular monthly charge for the new rate plan/service selected.
  • An upgrade fee if you upgraded to a new device in the middle of your contract.

NOTE: Your airtime, data and text messaging allotment are also prorated.


Today is September 27th and your monthly bill date is October 1st.

You change your rate plan from Your Choice™ 35 ($35, 200 minutes of airtime) to Clear Choice™ 30 ($30, 100 minutes of airtime).

Monthly Charges/Credits

Here's how your fees would be adjusted on your next bill:

Partial credit for 4 days (Sept 27, 28, 29, 30) of Your Choice 35 that weren't used$35 / 30 days in a month x 4 days$4.67 credit
Partial charge for 4 days (Sept 27, 28, 29, 30) you are on Clear Choice 30$30 / 30 days in a month x 4 days$4.00 charge
The monthly recurring charge for Clear Choice 30This replaces the $35 recurring charge for Your Choice 35$30 charge

Your airtime is also adjusted accordingly.
Partial airtime includes 26 days of airtime (Sept 1st to Sept 26th) on Your Choice 35

26 days on Your Choice 35 / 30 days in a month x 200 minutes per month173.33 minutes
Partial airtime includes 4 days of airtime (Sept 27, 28, 29, 30) on Clear Choice 304 days on Clear Choice 30 / 30 days in a month x 100 minutes per month13.33 minutes
Total available airtime for September
186.66 minutes
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