Instant Connect Service

TELUS Instant Connect Service integrates instant messaging, presence, file sharing and web conferencing with Microsoft Office Communicator Server® and Office Live Meeting® into your daily routine so you can be more productive and collaborative.

General Questions

1. What is Instant Connect Service?

Instant Connect is a communication tool that enhances your collaboration with co-workers, partners and suppliers. It provides the ability to communicate in real time from a desktop, laptop, or smartphone. It includes rich presence information, file transfer, instant messaging, web conferencing as well as computer-to-computer voice and video communication capabilities.

2.I currently use free public instant messaging (Yahoo, Google, MSN, Skype). Why would I want to use Instant Connect Service?

Instant Connect Service provides administrative and security controls that are unavailable with public messaging services. The prevalence of private instant messaging within the corporate environment means increased exposure to potential threats by both hackers and malicious users, a threat that can be reduced with Instant Connect Service. Instant Connect Service ensures that all employees are using the same platform and not wasting their time determining which method of communication and features should be used.

3.What are the pros and cons of an in-house server implementation of Microsoft Office Communicator vs. TELUS Instant Connect?

Instant Connect Service is built to enterprise standards with full redundancy and security in mind; the service is delivered from the TELUS Data Centre, which has carrier-grade internet connectivity and reliability. Most businesses do not have the same level of physical and network redundancy to ensure business continuity in the event of local power outages or an unforeseen disaster. The cost of deploying a similar solution would be prohibitive for the majority of businesses.

4.What makes Instant Connect Service different from other provider offerings? How can I be sure my content is secure?

Instant Connect Service is powered by Microsoft Communication Server 2007 R2 and is secured with the highest level of encryption. This ensures that communications are private and protected. Users can set access levels to their personal information for every contact they have and they can block unwanted access to their account. All conversations can be logged in Conversation History and accessed from your Outlook desktop client.

5. What types of collaboration features are included with Instant Connect Service?

Instant Connect Service Basic Enhanced
Desktop Client Microsoft Communicator Microsoft Communicator
Desktop Client Microsoft Communicator Microsoft Communicator
Web Access X X
Hosted in Canada X X
Instant Messaging    
Instant Messaging with Presence information X X
Mobile Messaging for Blackberry and Windows Smartphones X X
Mobile Messaging for Blackberry and Windows Smartphones    
Audio and Video calling (computer to computer) X X
File Transfer X X
Web Conferencing X X
Click to Microsoft Live Meeting from MS Outlook and Office   X
Desktop Sharing   X
Meeting Recording   X
Meeting Attendee Capacity   up to 250 participants

6. Can I use my smartphone to message others over Instant Connect Service? Which mobile devices and operating systems are supported?

Mobile Instant Messaging is currently supported for Windows Mobile devices. Blackberry Enterprise Messenger is also supported. Subscribers can download the mobile client from the TELUS Unified Communication Support Site.

7. Which operating systems, software and connectivity solutions are required for Instant Connect Service?

To run this service effectively, you need:


  • Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 or a later version of Windows
  • Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2 client for desktop contact management, presence, file sharing and instant messaging
  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 or higher for contact integration with Office Communicator 2007 R2 client
  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 or higher for presence awareness integration within Office applications
  • Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 client to quickly join meetings, schedule meetings, present meetings, record meetings, and share presentations, as well as other information. This applies to Enhanced subscriptions only.


  • OS X version 10.4.9 (Tiger) or a later version of Mac OS
  • Microsoft Messenger for Mac 7.0.2 for contact management, presence, file sharing, instant messaging and multi-party audio and video conferencing.
  • Wireless data plan for mobile instant messaging over Blackberry or Windows Mobile 6.0 (or higher)
  • TELUS Business Email subscription (Exchange managed by TELUS) for schedule “free/busy” or "out of office" integration

A registered domain name may be required to access the service.

Web Conferrencing Enhanced

1. What is the difference between desktop sharing and Office Live Meeting web conferencing?

Desktop sharing provides access to a computer's desktop from a remote location, allowing full control of the remote computer to make use of any of the resources that are housed on the hard drive. This feature is available with both the OCS Web Access or by using the OCS 2007 R2 desktop client.

Office Live Meeting is an online meeting space that is made available to subscribers of Instant Connect Enhanced. It provides users with the ability to collaborate on documents and deliver online presentations in real time. Features include meeting recording, click-to Office Live Meeting for up to 250 participants and multipoint video conferencing. Instant Connect Enhanced subscribers must install the Office Live Meeting 2007 client found on http://www.telus.com/ucsupport to enable this functionality.

2. When using the web conferencing capabilities, are all conference participants required to be subscribers of the service?

If the participant has an account they must log into their Instant Connect Basic or Enhanced account to participate in the web conference. Those initiating the conference must be logged into an Instant Connect Enhanced account.

Anonymous users can connect to LiveMeeting if invited. However, they will have to set up the server settings on their desktop client manually.


1. I'm worried about customer service and timely follow-up. What happens if something goes wrong?

Your organization will benefit from direct 24/7 business service support and an email system managed by trained specialists who are responsible for protecting your application and data. For technical support, call the TELUS Customer Contact Centre team directly at 1-877-846-4456.

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