Web Conference On Demand User Guide

Learn how to use Web Conference On Demand as both an administrator and conference participant.

Changing Details

You can change your name and contact details by right clicking on your entry in the Participants List and choosing either “Edit name” or “Edit phone” from the menu. If you are a Presenter, you can also change the names and phone numbers of other participants.

Logging In

Enter your name, phone number and conference details as supplied by the organizer of the conference.

The administrator must initiate the web conference before participants can enter.

The “Security Code” is the Audio Conference PIN code.

Maximizing WorkspaceSelecting Maximize Workspace from the View menu will hide the Discussion Area, Participants List, Menu Bar, Annotation Toolbar, and Mode Selection Tabs. In this mode, there is a small toolbar at the top left of the screen that will let you bring back these features if you need them.


Whiteboard Mode
The right hand pane displays an initially blank white area in which Presenters can communicate using drawings or text annotations.

Application Sharing Mode
You can view any applications that have been shared.

Slideshow Mode
Slides are displayed in a pre-determined order, just like in a presentation. Presenters can annotate slides.


An arrow denotes a Presenter and a circle denotes an Attendee. A dash by the arrow denotes the Presenter who last took control of the conference. For participants, the icon colour shows the colour in which their annotations to the Whiteboard appear.

Presenter-Only Features


The buttons above the workspace window allow Presenters to make annotations to the Whiteboard.

To delete annotations, choose the Select tool and click the annotation. Press Delete on your keyboard, or select Delete from the Drawing menu. If you wish to remove all of the annotations from the workspace, select Delete All from the Drawing menu.

Dialing Out

This option must be enabled by contacting a TELUS Conference Representative.

Presenters can use the Call option to instruct the conference to dial out. When the person who is called answers their phone, they can talk to the other participants in the conference.

Calling someone else
Click on the Conference menu, and choose Call. Enter the phone number and click Dial.

Calling yourself
Right click on your name in the Participants List and choose Call from the menu. A window will pop up containing your phone number. Click Dial.

Inviting People

Click on Invite on the Conference Menu. This will create a draft email with a link to the conference login page. You may add your own message to this email before sending it.

Note: This option is not compatible with Lotus Notes.

Locking Audio Conference

Select the Lock Audio Conference option on the Conference Menu. No new participants will be able to connect into the audio conference until you unlock the conference.


Single Participant
Right click on the participant's name and select Mute from the menu.

All Participants
Select Mute All from the Conference Menu.


Right click on the name that you would like to promote or demote. If the participant is not the conference Owner, you can force them off the conference. If the participant is an Attendee, you can promote them to a Presenter. If the participant is a Presenter, you can demote them to an Attendee.

Recording Conferences

Select Start Recording on the Record Menu. While recording is starting, a red light will flash by the mode tabs. Once recording has started, it will become a solid red circle. Recording will continue until the Stop Recording menu item is pressed. View and manage the recording by selecting View Recordings in the Record Menu.

Separating Participant from Phone Number

Right click on the name that has been incorrectly associated with the phone number and select Wrong Phone from the menu.

Sharing Applications (Windows Systems only)/Remote Control

Click on the Applications tab to switch into Application Sharing mode.

Choose one of the following options from the Share Menu:

·Share the whole desktop.

·Select from a list of running applications on your desktop.

If prompted by a security question, select ‘Yes’.

When you have shared one or more applications, you can do the following via the Share Menu:

·Unshare a particular application.

·Unshare all shared applications.

·Use High Colour Sharing.

If you have shared one or more applications and there is at least one other Presenter in the conference, a drop down box appears under the Applications tab. By selecting another Presenter from this drop down box, control of your shared applications is passed to this person. They may then use the application as if it were running on their own machine. You can regain control at any time by clicking a mouse button anywhere on the screen or by pressing a key on your keyboard.


Select one of the following options from the Slide Menu:

·Upload PowerPoint Presentation to add a PowerPoint presentation.

·Upload Picture to add a single JPEG file.

·Upload Series of Pictures to specify the first JPEG in a sequence (e.g. slide01.jpg); all images in the sequence with a higher number than the one you select will be uploaded.

Delete a single slide
Navigate to the selected slide and select Delete in the Slide Menu.

Delete all slides
Select Delete All from the Slide Menu.

Change the size of slides to fit window
Select Fit Slides to Window from the Slide Menu.

Save a single slide with all annotations
Navigate to the selected slide and select Save Slide in the Conference Menu.

Save all slides
Select Save All Slides from the Conference Menu.

Voting Slides

Select New Voting Slide in the Slide Menu. Presenters may independently open or close the voting, and hide or reveal the results, using the Allow Voting and Results Visible to All menu items on the Slide Menu.

Audio Conferencing

Dialing In

To join the conference, dial the access number shown at the top of the discussion window and enter the Security Code displayed on the screen when prompted.

Identifying Yourself

This Is My Phone
To match your name with your phone number, right click on the phone number and select This Is My Phone from the menu.

This Is Not My Phone
To separate your name from a phone number that has been linked to it, right click on your name and select This Is Not My Phone from the menu.


Right click on your name and select Mute from the menu. Repeat this step to unmute yourself.

Status Icons

  • The participant is connected, but is not currently speaking.
  • ·The participant is connected, and is currently speaking.
  • The participant has been muted.

Conference Recordings

You can tell that a conference is being recorded if a red light appears by the tabs.

You can view any recordings that have been published to the Attendee PIN by clicking on View Recordings in the Record Menu.

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