Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost for installing the TELUS Wi-Fi service?

No. Installation is provided by TELUS at no cost to you. If you cancel your service, a TELUS technician will need access to your business to retrieve the equipment. However, additional labour charges may be incurred if there is insufficient wiring or power to support the new Internet equipment or if you wish to have additional wiring or jack work completed. You will be informed of any additional labour charges in advance.

Where will the TELUS Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) be located?

Our trained installers will work with you to determine a suitable location for the installation. Things to consider about placement of the Access Point:

  • An out-of-the-way location will help to avoid interference and damage to the AP. The ceiling is ideal.
  • Try to avoid installing the AP in a back room where thick and/or metal walls can reduce the range of the signal.

How much power will the TELUS Wi-Fi equipment use?

The TELUS Wi-Fi equipment uses power similar to that of a 40-watt light bulb.

Which wireless network should I connect to?

You should continue to connect to your secure TELUS network set up for your business. Please ensure your secure business network is set up properly so that your customers don’t access it, as this can put your business at risk. (See “How can I secure my business network?” below.)

Who can access the TELUS Wi-Fi service?

TELUS Wi-Fi service is available to everyone with a wi-fi enabled device.

Which wireless network should my customers connect to?

All users should connect to the #TELUS network. The #TELUSDirect network allows certain TELUS Mobility smartphones to connect automatically, without requiring authentication.

How do my customers connect to the Internet?

There are two ways to connect to the TELUS Wi-Fi service:

  • #TELUSDirect: TELUS Mobility customers with compatible devices will be connected to the TELUS Wi-Fi service as soon as they enter your business location. As long as their wi-fi is turned on, they won’t be required to register through the portal.
  • #TELUS: All users without a compatible smartphone or tablet, including all laptop users, will need to sign in to the registration portal with their email address and accept the Service Terms the first time they access the service. They will remain authenticated across the #TELUS network for 30 days. After 30 days, the user will need to register through the portal again in order to use the TELUS Wi-Fi service.

Why do my customers need to provide an email address?

TELUS requires users to enter their email address to enable TELUS to send them product updates and promotions, collect feedback and contact them about any breach or suspected breach of the TELUS Wi-Fi Service Terms.

Do my customers need a password to connect to our wi-fi hotspot?

No. TELUS Wi Fi service is available to everyone and does not need a password.

Do my customers need special software to connect?

No. All your customers need is a wi-fi enabled device. No software is required.

How secure is the TELUS Wi-Fi service?

Communications over the TELUS Wi-Fi Service may be subject to interception by unauthorized third parties, due to the public nature of wi-fi. Users are responsible to ensure that the configuration of their device is secure.

How can I secure my business wi-fi network?

If you are using the Actiontec V1000H modem with built-in router that is standard for most TELUS customers, follow the steps below to secure your network:

1. Using the computer you connected to the wireless gateway, open your Internet browser and enter

2. Enter in Username and Password and click OK.

The default setting for Username is admin and the Password is telus

3. Select YES to change your username and password, or NO to continue with the default settings

4. Select the Wireless Setup button at the top of the screen

5. On the Basic Settings page, choose the following settings:

  •  Wireless Radio: Select enabled.
  •  SSID: Choose the SSID that you want to use. This is the wi-fi network you are setting up.
  •  SSID Broadcast: Select enabled.
  •  SSID Name: Enter the name that you want to use to identify your network. For instance Jodi’s Flowers or City Coffee.
  •  Security: Select WPA/WPA2.
  •  WPA Type: Select WPA or WPA2 Personal.
  •  Encryption Type: Select AES.
  •  Security Key Type: Select Use Custom Key/Passphrase and enter a password with a minimum of 8 characters. Your password should be easy for you to remember, but hard for others to guess.

6. To connect additional devices to your business wireless network, you will need your wireless network name and network security key.

If you do not use the Actiontec V1000H modem with built-in router at your business, then you will need to consult the user guide for your hardware. If you don’t have the user guide, you can simply Google your hardware’s manufacturer and model number for set-up instructions.

Who do I call for assistance with TELUS Wi-Fi service?

For technical support, please call 310-3100 and ensure you have the telephone number that has been assigned to the TELUS Wi-Fi service. This phone number is different from your business telephone number and is noted on a sticker on the TELUS Wi-Fi phone jack.

Who do my customers call for assistance with TELUS Wi-Fi service?

For assistance, please call 1-855-200-WiFi (9434).

Do my customers have to pay to use TELUS Wi-Fi service

No, this is currently a free TELUS service for TELUS and non-TELUS customers.

My business is moving. Who do I call to move the TELUS Wi-Fi service? Do I need to bring the TELUS Wi-Fi equipment with me?

Please call 310-3100 to notify TELUS of your upcoming move with a minimum of 30 days notice. The agent will see the TELUS Wi-Fi service on your account. A TELUS technician will need access to your business to retrieve the equipment in order to move it to your new location.

I am selling my business. Will this affect the TELUS Wi-Fi service?

Please call 310-3100 to notify TELUS that you are selling your business with a minimum of 30 days notice. The new owner will be responsible for accepting the terms of the TELUS Wi-Fi service.

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