Business Internet Set-Up for Device Registration

Looking to setup your IP address for your internet? See the steps below

After you have accepted the TELUS Internet Solutions Service Agreement (TISSA), you will need to register your computer or device in order to access the Internet.

You will be redirected to the TELUS High Speed Internet - Device Registration page. If you are not redirected, copy and paste this link into your browser:

You will be asked for your User Name and Password, which was provided to you when you signed up for the TELUS Internet service. If you do not know your user name, please contact TELUS Customer Service at 1-877-310-TECH (8324).

Associate your MAC address with your new Static IP address

When you login, you will see a page with your MAC address and an “Obtain Static” button beside it.

You must ensure that your MAC (Media Access Control*) address is associated with your Static IP address.

To associate your MAC address with your Static IP address**, click on "Obtain Static". The IP address that appears is your new assigned Static IP address.

No further action is required. Your Static IP is automatically assigned to your MAC address.

Congratulations! You have completed your TELUS Business Internet set-up.

Additional Information for Static IP Plan Subscribers

Static IP addresses are assigned by TELUS; you cannot hard code the information in the TCP/IP settings. Static IP addresses are location-dependent and are subject to change in the event of a move or a TELUS Network Upgrade.

If you change or replace your computer equipment or device, you MUST re-register. Return to the device registration page ( and follow the steps above.

If the available slots are filled in and you see the new MAC address associated with a dynamic IP address (rather than a static IP address) you MUST change the IP address to the assigned Static IP address and update the old MAC address. You can find the MAC address on the device itself (on a sticker on the device) or by logging into the device.

*Your MAC address is a unique value identifier for a network adapter on your computer. It allows your computer to communicate with other devices and networks on the web.

**Your Static IP address is a unique identifier for your computer that is assigned to you by TELUS.

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