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Mobile Internet

Small Business Tablet Flex Data


Pay for as much or as little data you need on your tablet device. Starting from $5 a month, our Small Business Tablet Flex Data plan adjusts as your needs change from month to month.

Features & Benefits

  • Save on Data Charges
  • Never Pay Overages
  • Manage Easily


How It Works

Choose a plan that works for your typical data usage. If you end up using more data in any given month, the plan automatically scales up to the next tier for that month’s bill.

Data Included Price
Base 10 MB

Total Amount of Data Used Price
Additional data 100MB

1 GB

3 GB

5 GB


Subject to a monthly data limit of 5GB.

Voice airtime: $1.00/minute; Long distance from Canada to either Canada or U.S.: $1.00/minute.

Pay-per-use text messaging: 30¢ per message sent or received domestically, including messages sent to the U.S. while in Canada. 40¢ per message sent internationally while in Canada.

Roaming: Easy Roam is included as part of this rate plan. Use the data, minutes and texts included in your Canadian rate plan for $7 per day while roaming in the U.S. and $10 per day in 100+ international destinations. Learn more.

U.S. usage includes the 50 states, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands.

Available nationally, on HSPA tablets only. Use on other devices such as smartphones will result in service outage and/or excess billing.

Per TELUS’ standard terms and conditions, excessive use is subject to abuse of service policy, and TELUS reserves the right to recommend alternate rate plans or to discontinue service.

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