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Roaming on a cruise

Travel passes are unfortunately unavailable for use on cruise ships. Pay-per-use rates for cruise ships, in-flight and satellite locations are as follows:

  • $7.00/min
  • Data roaming is not available at this time
  • $0.75/SMS (incoming SMS messages are free)

Different travel passes and pay-per-use rates apply when you use your phone within countries where you are ported. Learn more about travel passes and roaming for destinations around the world.

Additional resources

You can access wireless service on cruise ships worldwide with your TELUS 4G phone and our international roaming service using the same wireless number that you use in Canada.

Various wireless operators provide services to cruise ships. To make sure you have access to a wireless service, determine the wireless operator on your ship before leaving on your cruise.

TELUS partners with the following cruise ship wireless operators:

  • AT&T Maritime
  • Jersey Maritime "Navitas"
  • Manx Maritime Services
  • MCP (Norway)
  • OceanCell (Island)
  • SeaNet (Sweden)
  • Telecom Italy Maritime
  • Vodafone Malta "WINS"

All of the above operators currently provide voice and SMS roaming services. Only Manx Maritime services and MCP (Norway) additionally provide data services.

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