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Customer Site Readiness

TELUS values your time and appreciates your investment, and we want to make sure the installation of your new TELUS equipment goes as smoothly as possible. The only thing you have to do is make sure the site is ready for our technicians when they arrive – our simple guidelines and checklists will show you how.


Customer Site Readiness for Data Services.

By having TELUS equipment installed, your business is about to experience all the benefits of future-friendly solutions with customer care that puts your company first.

The only thing we need from your business is to make sure the site is ready for our technicians, and that our technicians are given the access they need when they arrive at your location. See our “Guides” and “Insights” tabs for checklists and questionnaires to help guide you through the site readiness process.

If you think you won’t be ready for the service installation date, please call us to reschedule to avoid costly delays.

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