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Call Park Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Call Park?
Call Park is a feature which allows RingCentral Office users to put a call on public call park and have a user pick up on another phone by dialing the park location.For example, *801.

NOTE: To learn how to use the Call Park feature of your phone, click here.

2. Does call park work for both inbound and outbound calling?
Yes, Call Park works both ways:

Inbound - both inside and outside the RingCentral system
Outbound - only outside the RingCentral system. It does not work within RingCentral system.

Example: User A within RingCentral account cannot park an outbound call to user B.

3. Does it work only on RingCentral desk phones?

No. Incoming calls can be parked and retrieved on any RingCentral desk phone, regardless of office location. However, calls can also be parked using your home phone, softphone or smartphone as long as it's part of the call routing/forwarding rules.

NOTE: Call Park function is currently not available on RingCentral mobile apps. There is no soft key command available for this feature.

The Park soft key is currently not available on Cisco SPA 508 or SPA 303 desk phones. However users can use touch tone command. To learn how to use Touch Tone commands, click here.

4. What is park location?
It’s the virtual system location – not to be confused with user extensions. Virtual locations where an inbound or outbound call is parked are preceded by an asterisk symbol (*).

• Maximum number of simultaneous parked locations are 50 which can range *800 - *899
• Park locations are automatically assigned by the RingCentral phone system

5. Can I park to specific user extension?
No. That is private Call Park, which is currently not available.

• In Public Call Park calls are parked in virtual location assigned by the system and can be picked up from any phone. This feature is available.

• In Private Call Park - user A can decide to park the call directly on user B’s phone extension which can be picked up only by user B. This feature is currently not available.

6. How much does Call Park cost?
Call Park feature is included for free with RingCentral Office and Office Unlimited plans.

7. What are the supported desk phones for this feature?
Supported desk phones are Cisco and Polycom phones except on Cisco SPA 508 and Cisco SPA 303 models.

8. How many calls can I use the Call Park feature on?
You can park up to 50 inbound calls while recipients are busy.

9. Will I be able to use Call Park for outbound calls?
Yes, you can park outbound calls outside your RingCentral phone system.

10. Can I use this feature on my smartphone?
Yes, if your smartphone is part of your RingCentral call forwarding/call routing rules, incoming calls can be parked using touch tone command and picked up by another user on another phone.

11. Which RingCentral plan is it available with?
Call Park feature is included for free with RingCentral Office and Unlimited plans.

12. Does Call Park work for transferred calls?
It is only supported for warm transfers on desk phone using call park soft key.

13. Can I perform Call Park using my RingCentral mobile app?
Yes. This feature is also available on your RingCentral mobile app. To learn how to use this feature, click here.

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