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Paperless Billing

Learn how to switch to paperless billing

Changes to monthly printed invoice rate.

Enjoy the convenience of secure access to your account information anytime, anywhere with paperless billing. Help protect the environment and view up to 18 months of your invoice history simply by switching to e.Bill.

Why should I sign up for e.Bill?

  • Secure access with user ID and password.
  • Access bills and account information from any internet connection.
  • View up to 18 months of invoice history. Download and print when required.
  • Receive notification when your e.Bill is ready for viewing.

How do I sign up for e.Bill?

To set up paperless billing(e.Bill):

NOTE: You must be the “Manager” of the account to have access to sign up for e.Bill

  • Log in to your account. Register if you don't have one. (See registration instructions here)
  • Click the Billing tab.
  • Click Billing Methods sub-tab.
  • Select Go paperless, then select your preferred method of notification when your e.Bill is ready
  • Click Save.

Help protect the environment and easily access your monthly TELUS invoice anytime, anywhere simply by switching to e.Bill.

Bill Analyzer allows you to easily change your bill preference from paper to paperless for each account. Depending on when the change is requested during the month, it should be completed before the next billing cycle.

Changing your accounts to Paperless Billing

1. Either:
a. Click on the green button on the home page

b. Click on the Setup tab and under the User Profiles section, click Paperless Billing.

2. From here, you can see the current billing preferences for each account. Check the boxes for the accounts that you would like to change to paperless and click Set to Paperless Billing.

3. You will now see your paperless accounts represented by a leaf icon.

Setup Email Notifications for accounts setup as Paperless

You will receive an email notification as new invoices are made available. If you would like to also have an invoice emailed directly to your inbox each month, go to Statements to set up a recurring order.

1. Click on the Statements tab and click Order Statement.

2. In the dropdown selections, select All Accounts, Previous month’s statements and the day of the month you would like to receive your emailed invoice. Note that this should be a few days after your last invoice is typically issued.

3. Select the preferred file type.

4. Select ‘Notify me’ and note whether you would like anyone else to receive a copy of the email with the attachment (note that they do not need to be a Bill Analyzer user).

5. To view summary orders, click on the Orders tab and select Pending Orders or Completed Orders. Select summary on the Order Type dropdown.

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