Questions about Business Freedom®

The Business Freedom™ bundle brings together Internet service, mobile phone plans, office phone, and powerful business tools in one convenient package.

Q: What is TELUS Business Freedom®?

A: TELUS Business Freedom is a package that gives you business phone, Internet and wireless in one place at an amazing price. Only TELUS offers you fast, high-speed Internet, bundled with 4G failover. In the event of a disruption, you simply switch to our high-speed wireless network, so your business won’t skip a beat1.There are three different business bundles, making it easy for you to choose the right one. Once you've picked your bundle, you can tailor it to your business by adding additional services and tools.

Bundle Core Components Options
Business Anywhere®
  • Business smartphone plan for two users
  • 1 office phone line
  • Add more smartphones and/or voice-only business mobile phone plans
  • Add more office phone line
  • Add business tools
Business Anywhere® Plus
  • Business smartphone plan for two users
  • 1 office phone line
  • 1 High Speed Office Internet connection
  • Add more smartphones and/or voice-only business mobile phone plans
  • Add more office phone lines
  • Add more High-Speed Office Internet connections
Business Select®
  • A Business Select customer may choose from office phone, office Internet and add-on services such as business mobile phone plans and/or business tools
  • Add business tools
  • smartphone and/or voice only business mobile phone plans
  • Add more office phone lines
  • Add more High-Speed Office Internet connections
  • Add business tools

Q: What business tools are available to add to my business bundle?

A: You can add any or all of these tools:

Setup my Office
  • An easy-to-use, all-in-one high-speed Internet and phone solution that's ideal for temporary kiosks, trade shows, construction sites or any business that can't get high speed Internet. Cost Assure services keep you from going over your data plan limits while using your Smart Hub
Protect My Data
  • Computer Backup
  • An automatic service that backs up your computer data to our secure servers and allows you to quickly and easily recover it in the event of theft or loss of your computers.
Promote My Business
  • Web Site Hosting
  • Toll-Free Number
  • Instead of paying for your own servers and staff to maintain them, let TELUS host, monitor and maintain your website and business email services for less.
  • An easy, cost-effective way to encourage customers from outside your calling area to do business with you
Enhance My Productivity
  • Audio and Web Conferencing
  • Internet Fax
  • Cost Assure Tablet 5
  • Mobile Internet Key
  • Microsoft® Communication Services, professionally delivered by TELUS
  • An affordable way for multiple people to connect and meet using the phone or the web.
  • Securely send and receive faxes from anywhere you have an Internet connection, with no long distance charges.
  • A straightforward business data plan that self-adjusts to ensure you never pay penalties for going over your data limit.
  • A simple plug-and-play way to access the TELUS network for high-speed wireless Internet, so you and your employees can work almost anywhere.
  • The easy way to get corporate-class email and instant messaging services, without having to worry about administration, hardware, software, security, maintenance or availability.

Q: How do I know which Business Freedom® bundle is right for my business?

A: Our Trained Agents can help. Chat or call and we will start by asking a few short questions about your business so we can make a recommendation. Once you have agreed on the core components of your business bundle, we can then help you tailor it to your needs.

Q: Can I remove a core component from my bundle?

A: If you remove a core component from Business Anywhere Plus, you may be able to switch to Business Select, provided you retain at least one of the core services: Office phone or Office Internet. If you already have Business Select, you must keep at least one core service. Alternatively, you can switch to an a la carte, month-to-month plan or our contracted services. Please note: If you cancel a wireless for business plan that includes subsidized wireless devices, you may be required to repay any balance owing on your devices If you cancel your office phone line and switch to Business Select, you will need to change your smartphone and any voice-only mobile plan(s) to any other business mobile phone plans available from TELUS You may no longer be eligible for business bundle discounts and benefits

Q: Do I have to customize my business bundle when I first purchase it?

A: No. You can customize your bundle at any time as your needs change. As long as it starts with its core components you will still qualify for bundle savings.

Q: Can I switch between the different Business Freedom® bundles?

A: Yes, you can switch between Business Anywhere Plus and Business Select as your business needs change. However, if you cancel a wireless plan that included subsidized wireless devices, you may be required to repay any balance owing on your devices.

Q: I already have a Business Freedom® bundle. Can I add options to it?

A: Yes, you can add options at any time. Simply call 310-3100 and we'll be happy to help you.

Q: What number do I call if I need help choosing or using my TELUS Business Freedom® bundle?

For Business Anywhere / Business Anywhere Plus Business Select
Help choosing and customizing a new TELUS Business Freedom bundle


Changes or inquiries to your existing TELUS Business Freedom bundle or account

(Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm)

Technical support



Q: What time do free evenings and weekends start with the business wireless plan portion of Business Anywhere and Business Anywhere Plus?

A: Free evenings are from 9 p.m., Monday to Thursday and free weekends start at 9 p.m. Friday. For $7 a month, you can add the Nights & Weekends Extender to have your free evenings and weekends start at 6 p.m.

Q: Is tethering included with the business smartphone plans?

A: Yes. Tethering is included, allowing you to use your smartphone or tablet as a high-speed wireless modem for another device. Any data you use will be deducted from the amount included in your plan.

Q: Can I use my existing smartphone with a TELUS Business Freedom® bundle?

A: Yes. Any existing device can be used with any Business Freedom® wireless plan. When you're customizing your bundle, you'll have the option to pick "New Number" or "Migrate". If you have an existing device - even one from another wireless provider, as long as it's unlocked - choose "Migrate".

Q: Does the Business Anywhere and Business Anywhere Plus smartphone plan include two smartphones?

A: Although the plan is for two users, it doesn't include any phones. You can use existing smartphones, or you can choose any new smartphones you like. See our smartphones here or call us at 310-3100 and we'll be happy to help you choose the phones that best suit your needs.

Q: Can I cancel a Business Freedom® bundle?

A: Yes, you can cancel your Business Freedom® bundle at any time. However, if your plan included any subsidized wireless device(s), you may be required to repay any balance owing.

1Included with TELUS Business Anywhere Plus bundle (Incl.1GB of wireless data backup/month and $0 device fee). If termination of the TELUS bundle occurs within the first six (6) months of the term, the customer must pay TELUS the current fee for the Smart Hub device.

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