Conference Calling - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is TELUS Business Connect™ Conferencing?

TELUS Business Connect™ Conferencing enables TELUS Business Connect™ customers to setup and join conference calls anytime, anywhere. Each customer receives a conference bridge number and every user has an individual access code to host a conference. With the ‘invite’ feature, users can easily and quickly email conference details to participants. TELUS Business Connect™ Conferencing includes mute controls, listen only mode, record conference and more.

2. Is Business Connect™ Conferencing available for all TELUS Business Connect™ customers?

TELUS Business Connect™ Conferencing is available to TELUS Business Connect™ customers.

3. How can I use conference calling?

Each TELUS Business Connect™ customer receives a local conference bridge and host/participant access codes per user. Conference details, including invite and host controls, are available on the web service and on the smartphone app. Invites can easily be sent to other participants via email.

To start a conference call, do the following:

Step 1:

Obtain your TELUS Business Connect™ Conference details from your online account.

Step 2:

Dial your Dial-in number on your TELUS Business Connect™ phone or Softphone.

Step 3:

Enter your access code followed by the pound (#) sign.

NOTE: Access code can either be Host or Participant.

4. How do I find my conference calling host and participant number?

Conference calling is for Business Connect customers. This will enable you to setup and join adhoc (reservation less) conference calls anytime, anywhere. Each customer will receive a conference bridge number and every user has a unique access code to host a conference. To find your conference host and participant dial in numbers, log in to your Business Connect™ online account. The local conference number, and the Host and Participants access codes can be viewed from your online account.

Step 1:

Log into your TELUS Business Connect™ account.

Step 2:

Click Conference.

  • Dial-in number
    A local conference number which will be used for conference calling.
  • Host
    A unique access code to be used by the host for of the conference call when dialing in.
  • Participants
    A unique access code for participants to join the conference call.
  • Invite with Email
    This button allows you to send invites to participants via email. The email will contain the conference call details such as the Dial-in number, Host code and Participants code.

5. What are the feature benefits of conference calling?

  • Free, unlimited conference calling
    You can make use of conference calling right from your TELUS Business Connect™ Office phone system. This is included for free with your monthly service. Hold any number of meetings with up to 1000 participants per conference
  • Single conference bridge
    Easy to remember, dedicated conference bridge for your business
  • Host and participant access codes
    Each user gets a personal host and participant access code.
    Every employee in your business can now use conferencing simultaneously
  • Full featured host privileges
    Host controls allow for muting attendees, listen only, recording conference and much more
  • Conference Commands
    This displays the list of commands the host can use during the call.
Command Action Description
*#2 Caller Count Keep track of the number of people in the conference
*#3 Leave Conference Let's the host hang up and end the conference
*#4 Menu Says the touch tone commands available
*#5 Set Listening Mode
Press 1x
Press 2x Press 3x
Callers can unmute with #*6 Listen only, no option to unmute
Unmute callers
*#6 Mute Host Line
  • Press once to mute
  • Press twice to unmute
*#7 Secure the Call
  • Press once to BLOCK all callers
  • Press again to OPEN the call
*#8 Hear sound when people Join or Leave the conference
  • Press 1x turns OFF sound
  • Press 2x Enter tone is ON, Exit sound is OFF
  • Press 3x Enter tone is OFF, Exit sound is ON
  • Press 4x Enter and Exit sound is ON
*9 Record your Conference
  • Press once to START recording
  • Press again to STOP recording
  • Access from anywhere
    No need to remember your conference info – it's available on your account

6. What are the dial-in numbers in Canada and the International dial-in numbers for conference calling?

Dial-In Numbers for Canada and International

Conference calling is available in countries across America, Europe and Asia.

For participants who are located in a different country, they have the option of dialing an international number in order to enter the conference.

They will still be having the same Host code and Participants Code.

Here's the list of countries and their corresponding dial-in numbers:

Country Dial-In Numbers
Canada Toronto, ON +1 (416) 619-0731
Winnipeg, MB +1 (204) 272-0264
Saskatoon, SK +1 (306) 500-0981
Montreal, QC +1 (438) 807-0873
Calgary, AB +1 (403) 387-2000
Vancouver, BC +1 (778) 200-4975
Edmonton, AB +1 (780) 666-2345
Halifax, NS +1 (902) 701-1237
Ottawa, ON +1 (343) 700-3335
Quebec, QC +1 (418) 431-0215
St. John's, NL +1 (709) 700-0170
Argentina +54 1152362310
Austria +43 12675630
Australia +61 261452180
Bahrain +973 16196418
Belgium +32 28089350
Benin +229 61509863
Brazil +55 1146806841
Bulgaria +359 24925721
Canada +1 (226) 799-2629
Chile +56 225940234
China +86 (7) 563805177
Costa Rica + 506 4000 3942
Croatia +385 13000815
Cyprus +357 22 000550
Czech Republic +420 255 719 517
Denmark +45 78 76 14 96
Dominican Republic +1 829 956 0061
El Salvaor +503 21368215
Estonia +372 8801 394
Finland +358 942705026
France +33 173078710
Georgia +995 706 777 118
Germany +49 3076759845
Ghana +233 242426081
Greece +30 21 1 198 6750
Guinea Conakry +224 660710305
Hong Kong +852 5808 1454
Hungary +36 1 255 0337
Indonesia +62 2151388895
Ireland +353 14870052
Israel +972 37631135
Italy +39 0689970155
Japan +81 345894617
Kenya +254 207 602 923
Latvia +371 66 16 3164
Lithuania +370 521 41 835
Luxembourg +352 278 62217
Malaysia +60 1111460005
Mexico +52 5547460483
Netherlands +31 107986120
Nigeria +234 144 05225
New Zealand +64 42807247
Norway +47 21939728
Pakistan +92 2137130625
Panama +507 8347217
Peru +51 17097628
Poland-Warsaw +48 221168460
Portugal +351 308809131
Puerto Rico +1 7879450661
Romania +40 377881023
Singapore +65 31630926
Slovakia +421 2 333 257 33
Slovenia +386 16008585
South Korea +82 7079176505
South Africa +27 319412576
Spain +34 935220118
Sweden +46 852503862
Switzerland +41 225607403
Taiwan +886 (0) 985 646 950
Turkey +90 2129003663
United Kingdom +44 (2033) 212767 This is a mobile dial-in number. Check with your phone provider for mobile calling rates
United States +1 (234) 203-2767
Ukraine +380 893239961
Vietnam +84 (0) 4 7108 0097

7. What are the touch tone commands for the Conference calling feature?

Touch Tone Commands: For the Conference Calling feature, the host an participants have the same conference bridge number to dial in, but their call control depends on the access codes that they will use.

The Host has the full call control and can access the following touch tone commands:

Host Touch Tone Command Feature keys Explanation
Caller Count *#2 Allows host to get a count of how many callers are on the call
Exit Conference *#3 Allows the host to exit the conference
Menu Instructions *#4 Plays a menu of touch tone commands
Listening Modes *#5 There are 3 different listening modes for the participants

Default mode is Open Conversation mode

Press *#5 once to mute all the participants

The audience can unmute themselves by pressing *6 for questions, or to allow guest speakers the option to speak

Press *#5 for the second time to put all the participants on mute without the capability of unmuting themselves

Press *#5 for the third to return to Open Conversation mode
Mute *#6 Places your line on mute

Pressing *#6 again will unmute your line
Security *#7 Allows the host to secure the conference and block all other callers attempting to enter the conference

Pressing *#7 again to reopen the conference to all callers
Tone Control *#8 The default setting is Entry and Exit tones ON

Press *#8 once to set entry and exit tones OFF

Press *#8 for the second time to set the Entry tone OFF, Exit tone ON

Press *#8 for the third time to set the Entry tone ON, Exit tone OFF

Press *#8 for the fourth time to set the conference back in default mode, with both Entry and Exit tones ON
Record Your Conference *9 Press *9 once to START Recording
Press *9 again to STOP and SAVE the Recording

Participants, on the other hand, have limited control of the touch tone commands:

NOTE: Conference calls can also have as many as 1000 participants.

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