Business Email FAQ's

FAQs about Business Email that allows you to access email, share content and calendar information in the office, at home or on the road.

General Information about TELUS Business Email

1. What is Business Email?

Business Email is a business-class email and messaging service powered by Microsoft Exchange, allowing you to access email, share content and calendar information in the office, at home or on the road.

  • Available when you need it, secure and synchronized to your smartphone, tablet, computer and over the Web with 24/7 support - all with no upfront costs or IT investment
  • Access to email from almost anywhere from a wide variety of devices and from any location with Internet access
  • Peace of mind knowing you have an expert managing and securing your mail system

2. I currently use Microsoft Outlook software on my computer connected using POP/IMAP. Why would I want to use TELUS Business Email?

Outlook offers users access to email, calendar, contacts and tasks for a single user. When you add the full functionality of Business Email, you now have the option to access the same features from your web browser. You also have access to meeting scheduling, to one another's calendar availability and to Public Folders, which can be shared between group members. These folders can contain email messages, files, contacts, calendars, tasks and memos.

3. Why should I outsource my email?

Unfortunately, for many companies the cost of running an in-house Microsoft Exchange and BlackBerry Enterprise Servers (BES) is simply too expensive. Upfront costs can exceed $10,000, plus staff time to maintain the servers. This is why outsourcing makes sense for many businesses. Business Email means that TELUS manages the technology on behalf of your business for a nominal monthly subscription fee. Business email outsourcing allows businesses to enjoy the same enterprise-strength IT that Fortune 500 companies have, but at a price you can afford.

Enjoy the following benefits:

  • Save Money: save thousands of dollars by not having to purchase server hardware, licenses for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, backup software, backup tapes, antivirus software, and an expert to set up and maintain it on an ongoing basis
  • Upgrades: you no longer have to worry about keeping up with the latest version of Exchange, anti-virus and anti-spam software; we automatically update the software on the servers
  • Protect against viruses and spam: email is the #1 method that viruses use to spread. We perform automatic virus checking of all inbound and outbound emails and their attachments. In addition, we provide advanced Cisco corporate anti-spam to protect your business.

4. What are the pros and cons of an in-house server implementation vs. Business Email?

Pros of Business Email Cons of In-house Server Implementations
Upfront investment Zero upfront costs. No need to purchase server hardware or software; no need for added IT personnel. Ongoing fees are low, predictable and easy to budget. Large upfront investment, often thousands of dollars, for hardware, software licenses, IT resources and more. Unpredictable maintenance expenses.
IT Resources No dedicated IT resources required. User maintenance can be performed by a non-technical person. All system management is performed by TELUS. Requires dedicated IT resources. Managing a typical email system for a 100-person company takes 85% of a senior technician's time.
Reliability and Maintenance Backed by TELUS and hosted in TELUS national Internet Data Centres. Updates performed in timely manner by trained experts. English and French technical support is provided across North America. Lack of redundancy and bandwidth, poor administration, delay in upgrades - any of these can cause security and performance issues. Server crashing and email interruptions cause business delays and loss of productivity.
Security, Maintenance and Upgrades Industry gold-standard Cisco anti-spam and Microsoft anti-virus is included and automatically updated. Constant vigilance required to combat viruses and spam. Delay in upgrades. Costly complex security solutions.

5. How can I be sure my email is secure?

Since Business Email is delivered via the web, there are three security considerations: TELUS servers, the client's infrastructure, and the communication between the two.

  • TELUS Exchange servers are behind firewalls and are further protected by the TELUS Internet Data Centre's intrusion detection mechanisms. The security provisions on a client's internal network are outside the scope of the standard offering, and any consultation on this matter should be addressed separately by an IT professional.
  • TELUS Business Email requires that some outbound ports be open; which ports they are depends on which email access type is required.
  • All communication between these two infrastructures is performed by encrypted and authenticated protocols (128-bit SSL for Web-related access; Encrypted RPC for MAPI).

6. Does Business Email include Anti-virus and Spam protection?

Yes, all inbound and outbound messages are scanned for viruses and spam using world class Trend Micro ScanMail™ and Cisco Iron Port before they are available for reading or sending.

7. My current service is free or less expensive. Why spend more just for email?

Business Email allows you to increase productivity and streamline your communications. Stay on top of critical requests by managing one small email inbox synchronized among multiple devices such as a smartphone, tablet and computer. With a smarter mailbox, server-based rules can remove spam or route email automatically even when you are away from the office.

Your employees can have "Anywhere Access" to email, calendar and address book. Customers can benefit from greater information sharing and collaboration. And your business is always online so you can increase connectivity without increasing your IT staff.

8. What makes Business Email different from other provider offerings?

When you add the full functionality of TELUS Business Email, you now have the option to access the same features from your web browser. You also have access to meeting scheduling, to one another's calendar availability and to public folders, which can be shared between group members. These folders can contain email messages, files, contacts, calendars, tasks and memos.

TELUS representatives will walk you through the entire setup process and are available 24/7 for direct technical support enquiries.

9. Is there a limit to how many subscribers can be signed on?

No, there is no limit to the number of subscribers that can be simultaneously signed on.

10. What do I have to do once I've ordered the service?

  • Add your users, provide users with selected service plans and configure your new email environment including setting up a Global Address List and distribution Groups.
  • Contact your Domain Name provider (usually where you registered your domain name) and have them redirect your domain's "MX records" to TELUS email servers. This change may take up to 24 hours.
  • Migrate email from your old email platform to TELUS.
  • Connect your company's computers, smartphones and tablets using the support guides provided.

11. When I sign on to Business Email, does my entire company need to be using the service?

Yes. Since TELUS will be managing your company's email service, the entire company must transition to the new service. Anyone using the same email domain (e.g. john@mycompany.ca) must be on the same platform. One of the benefits of Business Email is that you can choose the plan that you want to provide to each user, and pay accordingly.

12. Is Microsoft Outlook included with Business Email?

The most up to date version of Outlook for both Windows and Mac is available via download to subscribers of the Professional Plan. Users can access the download by selecting Services>Exchange>Download Outlook from the UC Management Centre portal www.telus.com/ManageUC

13. What computer operating system and software do TELUS Business Email clients need?

Windows XP with Service Pack 1 and Mac OS X version 10.5.8 (or a later version). Outlook 2003 is the minimum recommended software however, upgrading to the latest version of Outlook will allow you to benefit from the increased functionality.

Email and Storage FAQ

1. What is my storage limit?

The basic Plan comes with 2GB and both Enhanced and Professional plans come with 25GB of online email storage. Additional storage is available for purchase for an extra monthly charge.

2. Will I stop receiving email if I go over my storage limit?

Yes. You will be warned when you reach 90% of your limit but will continue to send and receive until your limit is reached.

3. Are personal archives stored offline counted as part of the storage limit?

No, locally stored personal archives are not counted toward your online storage limit. However, folders that are stored online within the mailbox will be counted toward your storage limit.

4. Are there any limitations/restrictions on the file size transfer (email size)?

Messages are limited to 30MB to ensure quality of service.

5. Can I manage multiple domains with my Business Email?

Yes, you to manage as many different domain names as you wish. Perhaps you want a personalized email address for communicating with your colleagues, and also a generic email address for communicating with customers. For example, if your company owns domain names for the .com, .net and .biz, you can have your-name@your-company.com, your-name@your-comany.ca and your-name@your-company.biz all pointing to a single mailbox.

6. Do I need a registered domain name to subscribe to TELUS Business Email?

Yes, you must have a registered domain name to use Business Email.

7. Does my website or domain name have to be hosted by TELUS?

No, you may maintain your current domain name hosting with your current provider. However, you will have to contact your DNS provider with specific instructions to redirect your domain's MX Records to TELUS email servers.

8. Can Business Email be integrated into existing company databases and applications (i.e. premise-based BES servers)?

No. Business Email does not support server side integration with company applications or offerings.

9. What if I can't access my computer when I'm travelling? How do I stay in touch?

Smartphones and tablets can connect conveniently to Business Email from almost anywhere, so even if you're without your laptop, you're still connected. Through Outlook Web Access (OWA), you can also connect to your business email, calendar and contacts from any internet-connected computer.

10. How can I migrate all of my current email data to TELUS Business Email servers?

Customers may be inclined to manage their own migration, but this is not simple and there are no safeguards to prevent disruption of email flow or data loss or. A migration is highly technical process, consisting of moving not only emails, but also calendars and contacts between mail servers along with the reconfiguration of DNS records. For an additional fee, TELUS offers a fully managed onboarding service that ensures the smoothest possible transition between email services. TELUS QuickStart migration specialists are able to leverage their considerable experience to make sure that there is little downtime, no data loss and complete peace of mind. Please contact your account executive for additional information.

Customers wanting to self-migrate their email data can do so at no charge. Please refer to the step-by-stepmigration guide for detailed instructions..

11. If I set up an email address, can I automatically get it forwarded to more than one person?

Business Email offers a number of advanced forwarding options. You can create unlimited email addresses (aliases) that forward to one mailbox. From one mailbox you can also automatically forward to one other mailbox. To forward from one mailbox to more than one email address (e.g. a group), you will need to create a distribution list.

12. Can I delegate more than one person to access a mailbox?

Yes, multiple people can be set up to access one mailbox.

13. If I happen to accidentally delete my email, can it still be recovered?

If email is accidentally deleted, it goes to your deleted folder. Once the deleted folder is emptied, you can still recover your email from the server within 14 days for Basic plan users and 30 days for Enhanced and Professional plan users. To enable deleted email recovery, your computer must be configured to either the IMAP, MAPI, RPC over HTTPS email connection protocols – please refer to the Business Email setup guide instructions on the UC Support.

14. What backup is offered?

As long as the information is stored on the email server, there is an ongoing email backup process allowing for recovery of the content in case of a disaster/failure. TELUS makes no representations or warranties with respect to the availability of customer data for data restoration purposes or, if data is available for restoration purposes, the time it will take to restore customer data. If the customer requests that TELUS restores deleted data and the data is available for restoration, TELUS will utilize commercially reasonable efforts to restore the data within a reasonable period of time for an additional fee.

15. Does TELUS provide email archiving services?

Yes, through our partner Global Relay, Email Archiving with eDiscovery Search & Retrieval and Compliance Email Archiving are both available to TELUS Business Email Enhanced and Professional users. For more information, please contact your TELUS account executive.

Mobile Devices

1. What mobile device connection protocols are supported?

iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry 10

ActiveSync provides push synchronization of Email, Calendar, Address Book and Tasks and is supported by Business Email Enhanced and Professional plans. It also supports mobile device management features including remote device wipe and the application of security policies.

Since most devices support ActiveSync, we recommend that you connect to using this protocol. If ActiveSync is not supported, you can connect using the POP or IMAP protocols that will enable you to set up your device to send and receive email. If you're not sure whether your device is compatible with ActiveSync, please refer to your device documentation, or contact your mobility provider.

BlackBerry (Operating System 7.1 and earlier)

Blackberry Sync is an add-on service that enables real-time push synchronization of email, calendar, address information and tasks without requiring a wired connection to a computer. It also provides advancedBlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) security features that are not available with a standard IMAP connection. Blackberry Sync is available for an additional monthly fee to users of Business Email Enhanced & Professional plans operating BlackBerry OS 7.1 and earlier with a BES wireless data plan.

Features include:

    • “Push” Synchronization of e-mail, calendar, contacts and tasks
    • Administrator device management such as remote device wipe, password reset, managing users, and setting security policies
    • Ability to implement mobile instant messaging using TELUS Instant Connect
    • Over the air device activation

Interval based e-mail using an IMAP connection is available to customers with a BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) wireless data plan. Information such as contacts and calendar information cannot be wirelessly synchronized and can only be updated through a wired connection to a computer. Depending on your BlackBerry device operating system, IMAP connections may not be supported. If you're not sure whether your BlackBerry device is compatible with IMAP, please refer to your device documentation.

3. Can I configure both ActiveSync and BlackBerry Enterprise Server device support for a single account?

Yes, you can access email with multiple devices for the same mailbox using an ActiveSync connection. BlackBerry users are limited to a single BlackBerry sync device connection to their mailbox.


1. I'm worried about customer service and timely follow-up. What happens if something goes wrong?

Your organization will benefit from direct 24/7 business service support and an email system managed by trained specialists who are responsible for protecting your application and data. For technical support, call the TELUS Customer Contact Centre team directly at 1-877-846-4456.

2. How do I make administrative changes to my distribution lists and email addresses?

Administrative changes can be made using the self-serve UC Management Centre control panel. To access the UC Management Center, please visit www.telus.com/ManageUC

3. Where do I go to access user guides and support documentation for my TELUS Unified Communication (UC) Services?

Support documentation is available on the TELUS UC Support site at www.telus.com/ucsupport.

4. Where can I get support information for Outlook?

Support information for Outlook can be found on the Microsoft Website

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