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Travelling in Canada, to the US, or around the world?TELUS has you covered so you can roam with confidence in over 200 countries.What content do we want in this area???????


Experience the best customer service on Canada's most reliable 4G mobile network1

TELUS 4G network service covers 99% of Canadians. Rely on us to download a song in seconds or a movie in minutes and enjoy: (we should make this sentence more business.... download files in minutes.....>

  • better call quality
  • fewer dropped calls
  • improved data connection

Stay connected on Canada’s largest 4G LTE network

Our state-of-the-art 4G network is now faster with Canada’s most advanced LTE technology. Get our very best speeds available for your device no matter where you are.

Push To Talk over 4G LTE (content taken from campaign page at www.telus.com/ptt)... we should look at integrating that content here.  

Push To Talk over 4G LTE allows for Quality of Service management. We dedicate specific bandwidth just for PTT conversations. PTT traffic will always get priority over other data usage such as video streaming, so you can keep relying on TELUS for interruption-free instant connections.  

What’s more, TELUS will continue to operate and support our existing Mike iDEN network for several years after the introduction of TELUS’ 4G LTE PTT service. You can keep using your current Mike devices until you’re ready to upgrade.

Did you know...

  • Canada has the 2nd fastest wireless network in the developed world based on advertised speeds, following only behind Denmark.
  • Canada’s the only country in the world that offers LTE services to over 77% of the population, meaning you can enjoy lightning fast speeds in more places nationwide.
  • Canada ranks second in the world in network investment per subscriber, behind only Australia who unlike us, receives government funding.
  • any tid bits around PTT we can add here?????? 

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