Inbound Caller ID Name Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Inbound Caller ID?
Inbound Caller ID Name is a RingCentral feature which displays the Caller ID name (CNAM) on all RingCentral phones for incoming VoIP calls. It will show the name of the caller in the call logs for incoming calls, missed calls and in the messages section for incoming voice and fax messages.

2. How does the Inbound Caller ID Name feature work?
When you receive an incoming VoIP call with a registered CNAM, this will be displayed as caller ID, even if their contact information is not saved in your account.

3. Does this feature apply on my mobile phones as well?
The Inbound Caller ID Name feature applies on your RingCentral phones and devices with the RingCentral mobile apps.

4. How can I enable this feature?
The Inbound Caller ID Name feature is available to Office Enterprise edition customers.

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