Business Easy Mail

FAQs about Business EasyMail - customized business email addresses that are secure, reliable and accessible from anywhere with webmail login.

TELUS Business Easy Mail – Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is EasyMail?

EasyMail eliminates the need for specialized hardware on your premises. We run it all for you from our network and give you access to our innovative EasyMail Wizard! remote email administration tools. The EasyMail Wizard! assists you with all aspects of running a corporate email network. You can change your employees’ internet email addresses, delete old accounts and create new ones, all from one simple interface.

All EasyMail packages include Email Virus Scan, Spam Filtering, WebMail, Domain (URL) pointing, and Personal Mail (end user access to personal mail setting), POP, IMAP, SMTP.

2.How long does it take to set up a new EasyMail account?

New accounts are generally set up within 24 hours from the time we receive your order. Once an account is set up, an activation notice will be sent to you via email including your user ID, password, and FTP host name.

3.How do I place an order for a EasyMail account?

You can place an order for an account directly from our website 24 hours a day. All orders are received and processed immediately, and you will receive a confirmation as well as account information via email. Otherwise, you may contact a TELUS corporate account representative who will be glad to assist you.

4. What are the terms and conditions?

Terms and Conditions

5.What is WebMail and how does it work?

WebMail lets your team members access their email remotely via the internet. The system can be set up to allow each user email access via a WebMail login and password. For more information, please see WebMail Help.

Questions about Email Virus San

1. What is Email Virus Scan?

Email Virus Scan verifies that email and attachments entering and leaving your network are free from viruses and other malicious code.

2. Do I need to install any special software?

No, you don't need to install or maintain any hardware or software.

3. What email programs does Email Virus Scan support?

All email client software is supported, including WebMail.

4. Does Email Virus Scan change my email settings?

No, email scanning keeps your original email settings.

5. Does Email Virus Scan delay delivery of email?

The scanning of email is done when the email is sent to our servers. It takes approximately 0.1 seconds to scan for viruses using our virus scanning technology.

6. We already have virus scanning. Why do we need Email Virus Scan?

Desktop software only protects your network from resident virus attacks and risks associated with floppy disks. A recent study by ISCA labs indicated that almost all viruses are transmitted through email or directly over the internet. Virus protection on the desktop is important, but even with virus protection at other levels of the network, stored data and computer networks are still vulnerable to attack. In order to ensure that the data on these systems are virus-free, a multi-tier, multi-protocol defense system needs to be implemented. Our service completes the vital defense you will need to protect your systems from email-borne viruses.

7. Does Email Virus Scan work on domain forwarding, and catch-all?

Email Virus Scan will scan all domain forwarding and catch-all email if it is forwarded to an email address that has virus scanning enabled.

8. Does Email Virus Scan slow my computer down like desktop virus scanning?

No, there is no scanning done by your desktop computer. Email scanning is done at the server level.

9. How often are the virus definitions checked and updated?

Virus definitions are updated on an hourly basis. Our relationship with our antivirus supplier also allows us preferential updating. This means that we quickly receive updates as they are made available.

10. How effective is Email Virus Scan in preventing virus attacks?

No antivirus technology can guarantee 100% success in stopping all viruses. Our Virus Scan partner, however, is the market leader with the most advanced technology for detecting viruses, including the latest virus definitions to keep your protection levels current.

11. What will happen to my email if it is infected with a virus?

In some cases, the entire attachment will have to be removed, but you will still get the text portion of the email.

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