Need Help Reading Your Business Anywhere Bill?

Switching to Business Anywhere

How are my wireline and wireless services billed?

Great news!  As a Business Anywhere customer you only need to focus on one bill for all monthly charges related to your bundled services (Mobile, office phone, office internet, and any business tools).

What does my bill look like and how should I read it?

You can refer to our sample bill for explanations on the various line items.

Before switching to Business Anywhere Plus, I had mobile and office phone services and paid both separately. How will I know when to stop paying both my wireline and wireless bills and to start paying only my single converged bill?

When you've been migrated to a Business Anywhere Plus bundled account, you will notice changes to your mobility invoice and eBill that indicate you should no longer pay your wireless bill separately. Your invoice will show a message in the upper left corner as highlighted in red below:

What happens to my bill when I add the Business Anywhere bundle to my account?  Will I still receive a separate bill for my mobile phone(s)?

The good news is that it means you now only need to focus on one bill for all charges associated with your bundle (mobile, office phone, office internet and any business tools). You will still have the ability to view any usage charges on your mobility devices on mobility.telus.com however, all charges to be paid will be displayed on your single invoice requiring only a single payment.

Do I need to do anything in order for the charges on my mobile, office phone and internet to appear on a single bill?

You do not need to do anything. We will transfer your wireless charges from your mobility eBill to your new single, converged invoice. Although you will continue to receive a mobility eBill to view wireless details, it is for reference only and you are not responsible for paying it.

When will I receive a single bill that includes all of my Business Anywhere services?

Your new Business Anywhere single bill could take up to 3 months to consolidate all of your wireless and wireline charges onto one bill.

I am still receiving a separate wireless eBill on top of the Business Anywhere single bill that includes my wireline and wireless services.  Do I have to pay this too?

No you don't as this is for reference only. As a Business Anywhere customer, you are only responsible for the amount on the single converged bill. When the accounts are converged, you will notice a statement at the top of your eBill which states: 'The wireless invoice has been generated for your reference only to view wireless usage and call history information. Please refer to your TELUS statement for your total monthly charges."

Do I need to make any changes to my pre-authorized payment if it's already set-up for my mobility bill?

Yes, we will need to change your pre-authorized payment from your mobility bill to your new Business Anywhere single bill. To set this up, please call us at 310-3100 and we'll be able to assist you with this change.

Do I need to make any changes to my online banking if it's already set-up for my mobility bill?

Yes, for online banking, make sure to change the TELUS account number. The TELUS account number can be found in the top right corner of the first page of your new bill and is usually a 9 digit number with a space followed by an extra digit. Some financial institutions require all 10 digits. For more information on where to find your account number view our sample bill.

Understanding my first bill

What does my bill look like and how should I read it?

You can view our sample bill for explanations on he various line items.

I don't understand my first bill.  The charges are different than I expected.  Why might this be?

This is likely due to partial charges. Our invoices always charge 1 month in advance. So, if you added a Business Anywhere bundle in the middle of a billing period, you will see a partial charge from the date of your activation to your billing date, as well as a charge for the next full month of service. Any partial charges for your bundle will only appear on the first bill unless there are other changes made to your account in the future.

An example of partial charges

The best way to demonstrate this is with an example. If your billing period is from the 1st to the 30th of the month and you activated Business Anywhere on the 15th, "partial" monthly services will occur from the 15th to the 30th. In this case it would be half of what you'd normally expect to pay since your activation occurred exactly mid-month. Keep in mind you will also see a full month's charge on the same bill to account for the next full month of service.

You signed up for Business Anywhere on May 15, at a cost of $235 per month:

You signed up onYour billing cycle begins onPartial monthly charges calculations`Partial charges on first bill
May 15 June 1$235 / 30 x 16 days (May 15 – 30) = $125.33$125.33 + applicable taxes
  • Note: Partial month billing assumes 30 days in a month, regardless of the month’

View our sample bill for an example of partial charges on a bill.

I see "Mobility Charges" on my Business Anywhere single bill.  What are these charges and where did they come from?

These are wireless charges from your mobile devices that have been transferred to your single converged bill. You can visit mobility.telus.com and log in to your wireless account to view details relating to these charges.

Why don't the wireless charges transferred to my Business Anywhere single bill under "Mobility Charges" match my wireless eBill?

The amount transferred includes your wireless charges minus any taxes, as these are calculated on your single converged bill.

General Questions

What is a device balance?  How is this calculated?

Your device balance is based on the discount you received on your wireless device. For example, if you purchased the iPhone 4S 16GB on a 2 year term for $159.00, and the No-Contract price at the time was $649.00 your device balance would be $490 ($649 - $159). Each month your device balance is reduced by the starting device balance ($490) divided by the number of months in your service term (24), which in this case is $20.42. You are not required to pay your device balance unless you upgrade your device or terminate your contract before the end of your term.

For more information on device balance, download the Device Balance Invoice Guide:

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