Accessing your voicemail on the web

To access your messages on the web

  1. First complete your mailbox set-up above.
  2. Visit
    Note: for the best user experience we recommend using Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 9 or higher.
  3. Login to your voicemail using your mailbox number and voicemail password

From your TELUS Web login in you’ll be able to save, forward, and listen to webmail messages, have messages auto forwarded to your email and more.


  • My Message – to listen to, save, delete and compose messages
  • My Greetings – to listen, create or edit your Main, Holiday, Busy and Extended Absence Greetings and to Schedule Greetings.
  • My Notifications – to set up voicemail to email delivery, notifications to a phone number or pager when you receive a voice message
  • My Groups – to create group distribution lists. You can record a message and send to your group list.
  • Profile – Manage voicemail settings such as: Language Password Email address Playback order Notification (on/off) Zero out information (if you have this option) Family/Extension Mailbox (if you have this option)
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