Adding a public Static IP address to a TELUS Office Internet plan

How to obtain a Static IP for use with your TELUS Office Internet connection.

About Public IP addresses

TELUS assigns a Public IP address to your modem in order to connect your business to the Internet. Most Public IP addresses are dynamically using a networking protocol called DHCP.

Public dynamic IP addresses can change over time due to various factors, including whether your modem was reset recently. A Static IP, on the other hand, is reserved for your Internet connection alone and will be reassigned to your modem or Internet gateway, even if they’ve been rebooted.

Why your Office Internet connection might require a Static IP

Reasons why Static IPs are used:

  • If you intend to run servers on your premises such as web, email, FTP, or even gaming servers
  • Some equipment does not support dynamically assigned IP addresses
  • Helps avoid potential IP address conflicts where DHCP might supply an address already assigned elsewhere

Ordering a Static IP from TELUS Business

Static IPs are tightly coupled with our Internet products for business and are only available to TELUS Business customers.

If your business is not yet with TELUS Office Internet
  • Contact Sales or request a sales callback to discuss which Internet products are the best fit for your business needs. A Public static IP address can be added to most plans and are configured on site by our installation technicians.

If you already have TELUS Office Internet


To add a Static IP to your existing Office Internet plan, login to your My TELUS account to simply submit a request for a Static IP add-on.

  1. Log in to My TELUS
  2. Click Manage Internet >
  3. If you have multiple billing accounts, select the account for your Internet service location
  4. Click Order Static IPs >
  5. Enter your order details, then click Submit

Once you successfully submit your request, a confirmation message will appear on the following page and a confirmation email sent to your email address. Add-on orders are typically processed within 2-4 business days.

Call Sales:

You can also contact Sales to place your Static IP order or to make changes to your existing TELUS Office Internet service:

  • By phone 1-877-352-0898
  • Request a sales callback
  • By chat using the TELUS Assist chat widget on the bottom right of the page
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