Business Connect - Activity Log Overview

The Activity Log provides customized reports on inbound and outbound calls and faxes for the company number and specified extensions. You can filter or search specific calls or faxes by choosing the exact day of a call, a date range, a specific phone number, etc. Logs start from the beginning once you use your account. These logs are stored in your online account for one (1) year or until you delete them.This article will provide you an overview of the Activity Log feature of your online account.

You have two (2) ways to view your activity logs:

  • Simple view
  • Detailed view

NOTE: To learn how to download activity logs, click here.

Simple view

This offers a more concise view of your activity logs. It shows the following information: Type, Phone Number, Name, Location,Date/Time, Recording, Action, Result, and Length.

NOTE: You can also filter your activity logs according to your preferred view. To learn now to do this, click here.

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Detailed view

This offers a more detailed view of your activity logs and provides the following additional information on top of the simple view:From, To, Ext and Forwarded to.

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Arrow icons

The arrow icons indicate different types of Action of a Voice or Fax activity. Please see the meaning below.

QUICK TIP: The icon meaning can also be found under the Action column in the Activity Log view. The Result column also shows the status of the activity.

User-added image- The blue arrow indicates a succesful incoming call or fax.
User-added image- The blank green arrow indicates the forwarding numbers that the extension is trying to reach and the Result column tells you who actually took the call or fax.
User-added image- The full green arrow indicates a succesful outgoing call or fax.
User-added image- The red arrow indicates a missed call or fax.

NOTE: The From name is also your Phone Nickname. You can view it by going to Settings > Phone System > Phones > User Phones > Phone Details

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