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The Call Handling and Forwarding section of your account allows you to set up call routing rules for the extension. It offers flexibility on how you want your calls to be handled during business hours, after hours, or multiple condition rules.


You can customize the Call Handling & Forwarding options using various features. 

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User Hours

This feature allows you to set up the call forwarding options in the extension during business hours:

  • Forward calls - You can add Business Connect IP phones used by other extension users in your forwarding list.
  • Add Phone- You can add up to 10 forwarding numbers.
  • Create Ring Groups - You can enable a set of numbers to ring simultaneously.
  • Softphones & Smartphones - You can set your extension to notify your softphone and smartphone before forwarding the incoming call to your desk phone and forwarding numbers.

After Hours

This feature allows you to set up the call forwarding options in the extension after your specified business hours:

  • Send callers directly to voicemail - Selecting this option will immediately forward calls to your personal voicemail box.
    NOTE: You can check your voicemail messages over the phone.
  • Play announcement and disconnect - Selecting this option will play a pre-recorded announcement and then end the call.
  • Forward Calls - Selecting this option will let you transfer calls to any of your phones or forwarding numbers.
  • Unconditional Forwarding - Selecting this option lets you automatically forward all calls to another phone number, bypassing all the settings including greeting, call screening, and voicemail.


  • There are certain limitations in setting custom hours, such as being unable to create a custom hour rule wherein the current day overlaps the succeeding day (i.e. Monday 11:30PM to Tuesday 1:30AM). This can be done by customizing your company business hours settings.
  • There's a pre-recorded greeting set to default, but you can also customize your voicemail greeting.

Advanced Call Handling

Advanced Call Handling is useful if you want to specifically route incoming calls based on the conditions that you have set.

In this section, you can set up your preferred rules for better call management using conditions based on time of day, date range, incoming caller ID and called number. 

Incoming Call Information

When you receive a forwarded call from your Business Connect account, you can choose what appears on your phone. Called Number will display the phone number the person dialed. If you use your business phone for personal use as well, it allows you to identify business calls and answer them appropriately. The Caller ID option displays the phone number of the person calling. You can add numbers before (pre-pended) or after (post-pended) the incoming number to help you identify the call.

NOTE: Some carriers do not support the ability to send Caller ID with pre-pended or post-pended digits. Please test that this functionality is supported by the appropriate carrier device the call will be sent to. Log in to your online account to set up Incoming Call Information of an extension.

Call Flip

The Call Flip feature allows you to configure the devices that you want to flip your calls to. The phone numbers appearing are the same ones on your forwarding number list. 

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