Company Numbers - Overview

The Company Numbers section of your online account, lists all the numbers in your Business Connect account. This article will give you an overview about Company Numbers.

  • Company Caller ID
  • Company Number
  • Edit Additional Numbers

Company Caller ID

This is the name that will appear as your caller ID when making calls. This must be unique and can be a maximum of 15 characters.

NOTE: Company name only appears when a local area code number is used.

Company Numbers and Info

This section provides you with a list of all the numbers you have on your account. It also provides you with a number type and where it directs the calls to. You may also add more numbers and assign it as direct numbers for your auto-receptionist or users or extensions.

Edit Additional Numbers

You will be able to change the number type (voice and fax, voice only or fax only) and assign the number to an extension. You may also delete additional numbers that will not be used.

You may proceed to do the following:

  • Setting up where calls will be connected to
  • Adding Numbers
  • Adding Company Fax Number
  • Use an Existing Number

Setting up where calls will be connected to

You may choose to set the number as a direct number for an extension or set it to connect calls to the auto-receptionist.

NOTE: The auto-receptionist is equivalent to company rules and settings.

Use an Existing Number

This allows you to add send a request for Number Transfer (Porting) or send a request to activate call forwarding from your existing number to Business Connect.  

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