Hot Desking Overview

The TELUS Business Connect Hot Desking feature allows your users to share a common phone. Hot Desking allows you to log in to a shared TELUS Business Connect desk phone remotely—and use it like your own—with access to your personal extension, saved settings, voicemail, and more.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Employees travel from different offices can share the same common phone and desk while keeping their own extension profiles and voicemail access
  • Enable companies to save cost by allowing employees to login shared phones and still remain productive
  • Reduce investment in facilities and hardware


  • Hot Desking only works for extensions with digital lines

    * If a user tried to login his extension (without DL,) they will hear a message “The extension you entered is invalid.”

  • Hot Desking is only available to Premium and Premium Plus customers.
  • The host phones will not support any inbound and outbound calling without a guest user logged (except for Emergency calling)
  • Hot Desking is only available with Polycom VVX phones

Follow the steps below to know more about setting up your Common Phone for Hot Desking:

Setting up Hot Desking via the Online Account

NOTE: You must have an Admin account to configure these settings.

Using your Common Phone

How to add a Common Phone via your TELUS Business Connect Account

Step 1:

Log in to your TELUS Business Connect Account.

Step 2:

Under Phone System, click Phones & Devices.

Hot Desking Overview

Step 3:

Click the Unassigned tab on the Phones & Devices menu.

Hot Desking Overview

Step 4:

Select an Unassigned Phone and click Convert to Common Phone. Follow the instructions to proceed with adding your Common Phone.

Set up a Session Timeout for all common phones

Step 1:

On the Tools menu, click Hot Desk Session Timeout.

Hot Desking Overview

Step 2:

Configure your Hot Desk Session Timeout select between 4-24 hours (4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, and 24 hours).

Hot Desking Overview

Log out a Common Phone remotely

Step 1:

Under Phone System, click Phones & Devices.

Hot Desking Overview

Step 2:

On the devices tab, select the Common Phone you want to log out.

NOTE: When a common phone is not logged in remotely, dialing emergency service is allowed from the phone.

Log in a Common Phone

Press the “Login” soft key (or dial *90) on a common phone.

Hot Desking Overview

User will be prompt to enter the extension number and a pin ( Soft key + Ext +Pin).

Logout a Common Phone

Press “Logout” soft key on the phone (or dial *91) to log out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay more for a phone enabled with Hot Desking?

No. Hot Desking is included to customers with Premium and Premium Plus.

Which TELUS Business Connect phones support Hot Desking?

TELUS Business Connect currently supports Hot Desking on the following Polycom models:

  • VVX 310
  • VVX 410
  • VVX 410 with one extension module
  • VVX 500 with one extension module

Support for additional models will be announced as it becomes available.

Can I use an existing TELUS Business Connect phone as a shared phone with Hot Desking?

Yes. If you have an unassigned Polycom VVX 310, VVX 410, or VVX 500 phone, an admin can convert it to a shared phone from their online account.

How do I make and receive calls from a shared Hot Desking phone?

After the phone has been set up, simply press the “login” soft key (or *90) and enter your extension and PIN. The phone will adopt your extension settings and be ready to use.

Can the previous user be logged out of a shared phone if they forgot to do it themselves?

Shared phones have a default session timeout of 12 hours. An admin can also log out a specific shared phone anytime from their online account.

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