Paging - Overview

The Paging feature enables business’s real-time one-way broadcasting through multiple desk phones and overhead paging devices. It is commonly required function in many industries, such as warehouse, hospital, retail, etc.


  • Enables real-time one-to-many announcements to a combination of desk phones and overhead paging devices
  • Plug and Page. Connect to your SIP-based paging devices and start paging, without the need of complicate installation and configuration of analog-to-digital converters.
  • Available on compatible Polycom and Cisco phone models.


  • Increase communication efficiency. Broadcast announcements and emergency alerts to the entire organization or selected peers.
  • Eliminating the need to call individual employees with the same message.
  • Easy creating/adding/modifying paging group anywhere, anytime.

Supported paging devices

  • Compatible Polycom and Cisco desk phones
  • CyberData V2 Ceiling speakers (for indoor) and V2 Paging amplifiers (for outdoor use)

This feature is available on your online account and enables you to enable device to receive pages:

  •  Click on the Add Group and select Paging Only.
  •  Then select the devices/phones and users related to this Paging Only group.
  •  Select Devices to Receive Pages to assign desk phones and devices receiving broadcasts.
  • Select Users allowed to page this group to grant permissions for making broadcasts.

    You have now learned about the Paging feature.

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