Phone - Phones and Numbers - Overview

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This section allows you to add direct numbers and phones. You can also find the extension's Conference details, Presence and Intercom feature.

  • Add Phone - This is the section where you can add or delete TELUS Business Connect™ phones or your own phones assigned to TELUS Business Connect™ to be used for inbound and outbound calling.
  • Presence feature - The Presence feature enables you to detect the phone status of your colleagues and display on your desk phones. Whether using your desk phone, smartphone or

    TELUS Business Connect™ Softphone, you can also share your presence status as available, busy or on hold with your admins or colleagues.

  • Conference feature - Conference calling is a new TELUS Business Connect™ feature for customers. This will enable you to setup and join conference calls anytime, anywhere. Each TELUS Business Connect™ customer will receive a unique conference bridge number and every user has individual access codes to host a conference.

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