Tools - RingMe - Set up on website

RingMe is a click-to-call feature designed to help drive traffic from your website or email to your telephone sales team and thereby increase lead opportunities. Whether you are using a local or a toll-free number, you can provide your visitors a way to call you, at no cost to them, with a simple click of the mouse.

To setup the RingMe button on your website, follow the steps below.

Step 1:
Log in to your TELUS Business Connect™ Voice Manager account

Step 2:
Hover your mouse over Tools then click Ring Me.

Step 3:

Select the extension you would like the calls to be routed when the RingMe button is clicked by your customers.

Step 4:
Choose a button style then click Save.

Step 5:
You may choose to add the following:

  • SSL mode - The use of SSL mode by web browsers and servers, email servers and other communication systems ensures that information is encrypted as it is exchanged.
  • Require caller to enter security image confirmation code - If checked, caller will be required to type in a code from an image. This can help prevent SPAM calls to your company.

Step 6:
Choose the HTML Option/Code. You may choose between the following options depending on your company's preference:

  • With JavaScript
  • Without JavaScript
  • URL (Hyperlink) only

Step 7:

Copy the code that has been generated based on your configuration

Step 8:
Use the code to add the 'Ring Me' button to your website.

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