Centrex Business Phone System Optional Features

Features available for your Centrex business phone system for an extra charge.

Centrex Optional Features

The following features can be provided at your request where the optional feature is available. Some features may be available only in Alberta or British Columbia, and only in some switches in both provinces.

Additional Directory Number (ADN)
Any number other than the Primary Directory Number for a Centrex line, or an ACD Directory Number. ADNs from a rating point of view include UCD Directory Numbers, Secondary Directory Numbers, and Multiple Appearance Directory Numbers (MADN).

Alternate Number Delivery
Enables you to select an alternate number to be delivered and displayed to a called party.

Audio Input on Hold (AIOH) Port
Allows you to connect your Centrex customer group to a music or information source of your own selection, for playing to customers who are on hold.

Automatic Blocking
Provides for the continuous prevention of display of a calling party's telephone number and name to subscribers of Call Display. All calls placed from your Centrex line will have your name and number blocked to Call Display subscribers without the need for you to enter a Call Display blocking feature activation code.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Service
This consists of a number of service options to enable you to equally distribute incoming calls to a pre-designated set of call answering positions, and to monitor and manage the incoming calls as the numbers of calls or agents change. Options include:

  • ACD Group- provides basic ACD functionality and includes a call queue and announcements for night operation and "agent busy"
  • ACD Service Bureau- provides you with several types of reports to help you understand how your ACD service is functioning.
  • ACD Service Bureau RTA- enables you to interconnect to the TELUS ACD Service Bureau via a customer- owned personal computer loaded with Perimeter VU-ACD/100 software to access, in real time, data regarding the operation of your ACD application.
  • ACD Usage Report- provides basic ACD operation statistics on offered calls, answered calls, abandoned calls, and average call time.

Call Again
Permits you to perform an activation procedure that will automatically dial the last PSTN outgoing number called, or permits you, when encountering a PSTN station busy signal, to perform an activation procedure to have call setup performed automatically when the called station is idle.

Call Display
Permits you to view the telephone number and name (where available) of the calling party. Your phone must have a display to use this feature.

Call Forward - Remote Activation
Allows you to activate, change or deactivate your call forward service on your set from wherever you are.

Call Intercept
Allows for Centrex telephone numbers that are being dropped to have an intercept message provided on them.

Call Return

Permits you to perform an activation procedure which will automatically dial the telephone number of the most recent incoming call from the PSTN or permits you to have a call automatically placed to a PSTN station that you receive a busy signal on, when it becomes available.

Centrex Dynamic Change (CDC)
Allows you to assign or change the directory number of your Centrex telephone set, and to add, change or delete Centrex features.

Centrex Voice Messaging (CVM)
This provides for call answer and voice messaging, enhanced call processing and custom mailbox solutions. Options consist of the following:

  • Standard Mailbox- provides for basic call answer and messaging functionality, including Network Messaging and Non-Subscriber Messaging.
  • Network Messaging- provides you with the capability to send a network message(s), reply to a message(s) or forward a copy of a message(s) to any other CVM Customer.
  • Non-Subscriber Messaging- provides the capability to send messages, reply to messages or forward a copy of a message to telephone numbers belonging to non-CVM subscribers.
  • Enhanced Call Processing Applications- provides for central office-based call handling and enhanced messaging for applications such as auto-attendant, caller menu, information mailbox, bulletin mailbox, voice forms, etc.
  • Combined Voice Mail- provides a single point from which you can retrieve both your Centrex Voice Messaging Service mailbox messages and your TELUS Mobility cell phone mailbox messages.
  • Usage Reports- provides operational statistics on your ECP application and Standard mailbox messaging usage.

Custom Announcement
Provides for 30 seconds of recording time for you if you wish to play an announcement while your customers are in a hold queue.

Digital Recorded Announcement Machine (DRAM)
Allows you to record a message for playing while your customers are on hold.

E-Line Card Visual Message Waiting Indication
Provides for a lamp on the telephone set to be lit when a message is left for you. This option only applies to sets whose lamps require a voltage interface.

Electronic Transfer of SMDR Information Service (ET/SMDR)
Allows for the electronic transmission of the SMDR data to a customer server.

Enhanced Answering Position
Provides Busy Lamp Field/Direct Station Selection (BLF/DSS) and Transfer on Release Key functionality for the answering and transferring of incoming telephone calls.

Enhanced Call Processing (ECP) Service
Central office-based service that provides voice response and voice mailbox storage capabilities that can be used in a number of inbound applications.

Extended Call Management (ECM)
Provides an intelligent link between your computer system and the Centrex switch. This allows the computer system to coordinate information in its database to provide voice and data call redirection, agent transfer features, and preview outbound dialing.

External Abbreviated Dialing
Provides for a dial plan that enables Abbreviated Dialing to be used in communicating outside of your Centrex Customer Group.

Multiple Appearance Directory Number

Appearances of the same number on more than one business set, excluding appearances of the same number on key 1 of the sets.

Network Speed Call
Allows you to define a list of up to 1000 Network Speed Calling (NSC) numbers and to call a number on that list using a feature access code and a 2- or 3-digit number.

Number Reservation
Reservation of numbers on request.

Packaged Centrex Service
Includes the following Standard Features and the following Optional Centrex Features for a charge:

  • Standard Features (included with your service):
    • Automatic Dial/Autodial
    • Call Forward
    • Call Hold
    • Call Transfer
    • Last Number Redial
    • Message Waiting Indication
    • Per Call Blocking
    • Query Date & Time
    • Ring Again
    • Speed Call 10
  • Optional Features (chargeable)
    • Additional Directory Number
    • Call Display
    • Centrex Voice Messaging Service Standard Mailbox

Remote Feature Access Port
Allows you to activate/deactivate and use the Simultaneous Ring (SimRing) and Call Forward - Remote Activation features.

Seasonal Disconnect
Allows for the temporary disconnection of a non-contracted Centrex line and you retain the telephone number, access loop, and line equipment for reconnection of the service at a later date.

Simplified Message Desk Interface (SMDI)
Allows for the connection of your own voice processing system to a TELUS Centrex Customer Group.

Simultaneous Ring (SimRing)
Provides for ringing on telephone sets associated with a pre-determined group of up to five directory numbers when a specific directory number in this group is called.

Smart Ring
Permits you to have two listed telephone numbers (a primary and an alternate listing), each with a distinctive ring pattern, assigned to your Centrex line.

Speed Call 30
Enables you to dial a 2-digit number preceded by a feature activation code to place calls to any one of a maximum of 30 frequently called numbers.

Speed Call 50
Enables you to dial a 2-digit number preceded by a feature activation code to place calls to any one of a maximum of 50 frequently called numbers.

Speed Call 70
Enables you to dial a 2-digit number preceded by a feature activation code to place calls to any one of a maximum of 70 frequently called numbers.

Standard Mailbox

A Centrex Standard Mailbox offers network-based voice mail service that allows a Centrex user to retrieve, listen to, and action (e.g. reply, forward, etc.) their voice mail message(s).

Telephone Number Reservation
Provides for the reservation of eligible telephone numbers for a Centrex customer for a period equal to the time that the reserved number telephone charge is paid.

Transfer Mailbox
Allows an incoming call or a message to be directed to a mailbox other than the one it would normally go to.

Trunk Terminations
Allows for the connection of tie trunks, foreign exchange trunks, 800/900 serviced trunks and other trunking facilities to the Customer Group.

Virtual Network Link
Lets you control the number of simultaneous calls that may be passed to your network.

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